Zatanna Zatara is most likely known for continuing the family tradition of performing magic shows. Unlike her father's largely tame, carnival style shows, Zatanna has largely taken on a more arcane/occult-meets-burlesque style that has seen her falling somewhat out of favor with conservatives and families.

While she still performs more family appropriate shows, they only happen a few times a year with critics claiming her regular performances are much less Vegas/Copperfield in style and more Carnevale of ancient times meets Bacchanalia. Most mean it in every possible sense of the pagan terms. Others say it is all just a show and Zatanna is simply a savvy woman playing to her audience. She has been known to accept bookings for private shows, usually from the social elite and has been seen on the arms of many A-list actors and actresses as well as other powerful figures while out the town(whatever town). Sometimes in the same week or even the same night.

Entertainment circles aside, to those who know anything about them, Zatanna is recognized as an expert's expert in the arcane and occult fields of study and research. Most have never seen it, but many speculate that the Zatara family library of texts and tomes housed within Shadowcrest Manor on the outskirts of Gotham City is truly beyond any numerical value.

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