Name: Zatanna Zatara
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: NA
Age: 22-25
Aliases: Zatanna
Origin: Homo Magi
Present Location: Gotham/New York
Occupation: Stage Magician and Scholar, Black Queen
Team: Hellfire Club
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Magic
Portrayed by: NA

Life as the only daughter of a world famous magician-illusionist father and a mother who was a powerful sorceress of the Homo Magi race could hardly be called mundane. From the time Zatanna was born she was immersed in magic. Sadly, for her, her mother "died" in childbirth - or so she was told by her father. She grew up never knowing the woman from whom her innate, genetic magic wielding abilities were inherited though her father told her constantly about her mother and did the best he could to keep Sindella's memory alive for their daughter.

From the time Zatanna learned to talk, she learned to develop magic casting abilities as her father performed them and absorbed everything he taught her. It wasn't long until he began to use his 'lovely assistants' in his shows less and began to include his daughter more. By the time she was 12 she was as much a draw to her father's shows as he was due to her magical and illusionary prowess. They traveled the world together and Zatanna came to find in her father a trusted teacher, friend and confidant.

Even as she traveled with her father under the guise of performing magic and illusion shows, she knew he also offered advice and aid to others who traveled within the same arcane and occult circles. It was through one of these encounters that her father disappeared. He encountered an evil elementalist named Allura who cast a curse upon him and banished him to an unknown dimension and reality with a momentary flare of power even the Spectre could not contain. None of his peers could locate him and many believed h&e was actually dead.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_2 Found becomes Lost
Stricken with grief, Zatanna chose to honor her father's legacy by continuing with the world wide Zatara Shows of Magic and Illusion. It was the only thing she knew; her entire childhood was made up of magic and illusion. She certainly didn't need the money - her father's estate was vast and his collection of rare or irreplaceable books and tomes of arcane, occult and ancient knowledge was unlike any other in the world and beyond priceless.

After completing her father's tour obligations, she did something she had never seen her father do in her lifetime. She took a break from performing. She needed to find herself, her identity as a young woman and as a magician. It wasn't until she did this, staying home and reading her father's journals and notes and looked deeply into her family history that she truly came to realize how blessed she was and from what a prestigious lineage she came.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_3 Lost becomes Found
As the Spectre neared the decision to lift his Judgment, Zatanna found more than just her father's memoirs and thoughts within his library. She found he possessed the journals of other historical greats who were her direct ancestors. Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Alessandro Cagliostro, Nicolas Flamel, Evan Fulcanelli and even King Arion of Atlantis (through her mother) were in her family tree. Through her reading of their knowledge and experiences, she realized that her father's methods of casting magic - memorizing spells and incantations - was not the best method for herself. She realized that she was not so much memorizing as she was, somehow, drawing upon an inner power, a bond with magic itself that allowed her to simply create the desired result. When the Judgment was lifted, it was as if a dam was broken. Her ties to magic were fully established and raw, uncontrolled power rippled through her with wildly unpredictable and dangerous results. She immediately went into seclusion to try and figure out what was happening and how to properly wield her power.

She delved deeper into her mother's past this time, learning everything she could and realizing that she was not simply a magician but a sorceress. She had inherited the Homo Magi gene from her mother and it was to this source from which her casting abilities were tied. She immediately altered her focus and began to tap into her latent powers. She learned to translate verbal spell incantations mentally and then cast the spells backwards as her foci and means of control. She had found her true potential as a sorceress and devoted herself to the investigation of the arcane and occult and she resumed touring. Magic performances were too much a part of her family heritage to just walk away completely. Additionally, she could use her travels as her father had; as a means to go around the world and study at sites of great arcane and occult significance and power.

Zatanna continues to live her life as she did before she began searching for her father and before the Judgment was lifted by the Spectre. She tours with magic and illusion shows, learning and studying the arcane and occult and helping to protect the earth from all forms of mystic attacks, seeking to preserve the balance between light and dark (sometimes by aiding the darkness.). She still hopes that one day she will find her father and bring him back.

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