Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Name: Diana of Themyscira
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Themyscira
Age: 68
Aliases: Wonder Woman
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Heroine, Ambassador
Team: Justice League
Alignment: Heroine
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Magic Origin
Portrayed by: NA

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 In the Time of Legends

Thousands of years ago, in ancient Greece, a band of women were lead to a mystical island by the Goddesses Hera, Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, and Artemis. In this mystical sanctuary, they would not have to fear the predations of men. The women were trained in warfare by Athena and granted great strength, beauty, and immortalit from the goddesses. And any man that found himself on the shores of the island of Themyscira learned to fear the wrath of the Amazons. Still, the lure of an island populated only by women lead the Greeks to create a new name for Themyscira: Paradise Island.

Throughout the ages, Themyscira and the Amazons faded into the pages of myth and legend. And Paradise Island remained hidden, save for the occasional sailors who washed ashore from shipwrecks. The Amazons would take these men to a smaller island where they were healed, then given a simple boat to make theirway back to the mainland. In this way, the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta, gathered sporadic information about 'Man's World', as the Amazons called the rest of the world. As well, some of the Amazons would lay with the sailors, bringing forth new children in the fullness of time.


Eventually, Queen Hyppolita herself desired a child. She had briefly forrayed into Man's World to fight in World War 2 after an American pilot was shot down over Themyscira and washed up on the beach. She had grown close to Colonel Steve Trevor, and other male teammates that she fought alongside, but her abuse at the hands of Heracles all those centuries ago still lingered and prevented her from taking a bed with a man. So, the Queen prayed to the Goddesses to be given a child, and she was given a vision to go to the beach and sculpt a child out of the clay there. Once she had done so, the Goddesses breathed life into the sculpture, giving Hyppolita her daughter. In honor of the full moon that was shining brightly for this miracle, Hyppolita named her daughter Diana.

Diana grew quickly, and had been blessed by the Gddesses that gave her life. By her 12th year, she was stronger and swifter than any other Amazon. And by the time she reached her womanhood, Diana was the greatest warrior and scholar among her sisters. The Amazons adored their Princess, and Hyppolita took great pride in her daughter's acheivements. If there was any fault in Diana, it was that she was too curious about Man's World; the stories her mother told about the War and her frineds in the Justice Society and the Invaders fascinated the girl. With these stories in mind, Diana dreamed of leaving Themyscira and traveling to Man's World to have adventures like her mother did.


Once again, the time came when Themyscira was accidentally discovered by Man's World; this time, a sorcerer named Felix Faust had snuck onto the island and stole a powerful artifact; one that could release Hades and unleash the Underworld upon Earth. Hyppolita planned to chase the thief, but Diana took the enchanted armor, boots, and lasso that were her mother's during the War and left Themyscira in pursuit.

Diana stopped Faust from unlocking the gates to Tartarus, and found Man's World to be both more fascinating, and more disturbing, than she had ever dreamed. There was great potential in Men, but also great injustice among them. Upon returning to Themyscira, she faced the anger of her mother for leaving the island and stealing the artifacts. Hyppolita wanted Themyscira to be isolated once more, but Diana argued that there was need of the Amazon ways of peace and justice. Mother and daughter were at an impasse when Hera appeared and commanded Diana to return to Man's World as an ambassador and to spread the Amazon ways to inspire women everywhere. The armor was re-worked by Hephaestus, turned into something for suitable for the modern era. Diana was also given the rest of the enchanted gear to aid her in her mission. After a long farewell to her sisters and her mother, Diana set off for the city of New York, with enough funds and cultural artifacts to build an embassy and put the Amazons back onto the world stage again.

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