Joe Dempsie
Name: James 'Logan' Hudson
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Canada
Age: 22
Aliases: Wolverine
Origin: Mutant
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Odd Jobs
Team: None
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Regeneration/Claws
Portrayed by: Joe Dempsie


James Howlett is born into a wealthy Canadian family 22 years ago.

Sickly and suffering from a poor immune system, he is home-schooled and sheltered by his parents.

At the onset of puberty he accidentally causes his parents' death when his powers manifest during a family argument.

Suffering a psychotic break, James is institutionalized and studied.

Two years later he is spirited from the hospital by individuals impersonating extended family members, he is imprisoned in a secret government research facility.

As one of the few mutants that are active at this point in the world, James is studied in depth and experimented on.

The researchers are mandated to attempt to use James as a weapon designed to counter other mutants or intelligence targets.

Several years pass. During this time James is repeatedly brainwashed and conditioned to act as an assassin for the government organization.

Eventually James is able to break free and escapes into the Rocky mountains.

After having evaded or eliminated his pursuers he is recovered by the Hudsons, a vacationing couple in the area.

He is taken under their wing and given shelter for the next five years, allowing him to lead as normal a life as is possible for him.

James now lives in New York city, still staying in touch with his adopted family but attempting to build his own life as well.

IC Events

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