White Queen

The Frost family is very well known, with a reputation equivalent to the likes of the Kennedys or the Rockefellers, an American blue blood family tracing their lineage back to Plymouth Rock and centuries of success in business since then. The Frost family of this generation is led by Winton Frost and his wife Hazel. They had four children, though that number is now three: their eldest is Adrienne, then Christian who is no longer alive, followed by Emma, and finally the youngest is Cordelia.

Emma's personal reputation is bigger than that of her family at present, in no small part because she has built hers separate from her family. She achieved a world-class education in business, and a brief but starlit career as a model in her latest teens and earliest twenties. She has had a meteoric rise in the business world since, and is now majority stockholder of what was once Buckman Industries, and has been re-christened Frost International, Inc., a multi-national conglomerate with focuses in communications, electronics and engineering. It is considered fascinating in the business world that she has not taken the position as either CEO or Chairwoman of the Board, but her influence at the company cannot be underestimated.

Only a handful of people in the world know about Emma's membership in the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, as its White Queen. All but one or two of those are actually also members of the Inner Circle.

Emma has added Education to her degrees, and is currently operating as the Headmistress at Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youth in Westchester, NY. No one quite knows why she chose to take this position, but no one argues with her success. And her students universally respect — no, fear — her.

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