White Queen
White Queen
Gemma Atkinson
Name: Emma Grace Frost
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Boston, MA
Age: 28
Aliases: Headmistress Emma Frost
Origin: Metahuman (mutant)
Present Location: Westchester, NY / NYC
Occupation: Business Woman, Education Professional
Team: Xavier Academy, Hellfire Club
Alignment: Neutral (heroic tendencies)
Significant Other(s): None yet
Powers and Abilities: Telepathy
Portrayed by: Gemma Atkinson

Emma Grace Frost is the second born of four children of Winton and Hazel Frost, the latest generation of a true American aristocracy blue blood family. A gifted telepath, she has made her own way in the world, rather than following the path set before her by her father, and she is now the majority stockholder of a company that bears her own name - Frost International, Inc. - and the acting Headmistress of the Xavier Academy, teaching and protecting young people born with similar gifts from the vagueries of life.

Unknown to more than a handful of people in the world, Emma Frost is also the acting White Queen of the re-christened Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, once the Lords Cardinal, and as such she wields great power to shape the world.

  • Emma Grace Frost born January 8th, 1986 to Winton and Hazel Frost
  • Second daughter of (eventually) three, third born of (eventually) four kids
  • Raised in intensely competitive, psych- and emotionally unhealthy home
  • Only exception to negativity was closeness with brother, Christian (#2 of 4)
  • Bright and beautiful, still couldn't compete with elder sister Adrienne
  • Attended Massachusetts Academy in Snow Valley, elite private school
  • Began having minor episodes, headaches, flashes of insight, 'hearing voices'
  • When these grew worse in her early teens, went to Christian for help
  • Christian turned to father, encouraged Emma to trust Winton knew best
  • Emma sedated, carted off to Restful Haven sanitarium in New Orleans secretly
  • Forced to come into her powers surrounded by the gibberingly insane
  • Found way to shield her mind, shut out the voices, find strength of self
  • Eventually managed to gather intel and means to execute escape
  • Escape nearly foiled by malicious, abusive guard, delivers psychic blast
  • Makes her way to New York City, survives on streets for months, planning
  • Stalks Winton Frost, gathers information to enable blackmail
  • Confronts Winton, demands he rescind orders for her commitment, freedom
  • Seizes information on offshore accounts from Winton, takes to support self
  • Returns to Snow Valley and Massachusetts Academy to complete education
  • Works hard to grow her understanding and control of her fitful telepathy
  • Graduates with honors, incredibly popular
  • Learns of Christian's homosexuality and suicide, mother's alcoholism
  • Decides that she has to look out for herself, because no one else will
  • Attends Harvard,Business Administration, minors in Linguistics, Economics
  • 'Discovered', she begins modeling as a means to develop connections
  • Funds minor cosmetic surgery to enhance and perfect her appearance
  • Finds her way into attending various functions at Hellfire Club as guest
  • Ingratiates herself with various important patrons at the Club
  • Graduates with MBA, starts work at Ned Buckman's company
  • Telepathy grows exponentially more reliable and powerful as the Curse lifts
  • Learned of Buckman's black projects, including intent to enslave meutahumans
  • Orchestrates masterful takeover of Buchman's company, HFC Inner Circle
  • As she prepares to ally with Shaw to overthrow Buckman, approached by Xavier
  • Xavier promises preventing future young metas suffering for powers as Emma
  • Emma agrees to join Xavier's faculty at his school
  • Emma takes courses to complete a Masters in Education, teaching certified
  • Emma achieves position as Assistant Headmistress of the school

IC Events

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