Kid Prison
Join me in Kid Prison!
Overview: Xavier's School needs students - a promotion for the Ultimates as well, get in from the ground up in the only teen team on the Mush!
OOC Contact: Linda Danvers or Bombshell


Right now, sadly, the played Xavier student body has dropped down to just a handful. Bombshell have one year left on our sentence before we get out (graduate) and we need your help! Make someone to come join the student body! We'll put on our bikinis, have fun by the pool and you can join our team in the making: the Ultimates.

Also, our headmistress is a hot dominatrix and two of our faculty are fun to pet. Seriously, Beast and Nightcrawler have, like, the softest fur!

Interested? Page Linda Danvers or Bombshell or any of the faculty and we'll help pitch ideas!

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