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Join me in Kid Prison!
Overview: Xavier's School needs students - a promotion for the Ultimates as well, get in from the ground up in the only teen team on the Mush!
OOC Contact: Linda Danvers or Bombshell


Right now, sadly, the played Xavier student body has dropped down to just a handful. Bombshell have one year left on our sentence before we get out (graduate) and we need your help! Make someone to come join the student body! We'll put on our bikinis, have fun by the pool and you can join our team in the making: the Ultimates.

Also, our headmistress is a hot dominatrix and two of our faculty are fun to pet. Seriously, Beast and Nightcrawler have, like, the softest fur!

Interested? Page Linda Danvers or Bombshell or any of the faculty and we'll help pitch ideas!
Kid Prison

Invitation for Outsiders.

Do you like to roleplay? Do you find yourself in the OOC Lounge far too often and don't know what to do with yourself? Do you need direction, motivation, and a new start? Do you find it tough to find roleplay/scenes because you don't relate to certain rp styles.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Outsiders is for you.

The Outsiders is modeled after the DC team/comic with the same name. As its name suggests, the team consists of metahuman superheroes who do not fit the norms of the "mainstream" superhero community (IE: the Justice League), and in some ways are similar to the X-Men of Marvel Comics.

OOC Contact: Captain Atom, or other members of the Oustiders.


The IC and OOC goals of the team are simple; (1) Give players an IC reason to find themselves together, on a mission, at a restaurant, or even lost in the Amazon Jungle. (2) Have a community of players that are looking for RP and help facilitate the situation with a like minded community. (3) Providing an environment that allows the character to come and go - the Outsiders weren't a team where everyone constantly sat around waiting for klaxtons to sound and then leap into action. Often the comic featured several individuals that would show up in 'spotlights' and have scenes. Very much like the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. Which leads to free form action and adventure, not constrained mandatory events or questions that is ICly asked, "Why aren't you in the super battle when everyone else is?". (4) No need for bylaws and hard fast rules. We're here to have fun on this game. Rules are for other teams that are more organized. All we ask is that; as a player we're courteous to others, respectful to one another (in and out of the team), don't be daft, follow the rules of the MUX, and be flexible with the roleplay and it will be fun for all concerned.

In closing I will note a few things. (1) There is a metaplot in the works; But it is long reaching and mostly in the background to give everyone ample opportunity to be involved in the subplots. (2) We are not looking to create a clique or a club that excludes anyone or prevents an individual player from partaking in other roleplay outside the group. (3) We are trying to promote an open social atmosphere for all to have fun. In this light, we do not want drama llamas or negative attitudes. (4) One may ask, What's different about the Outsiders that isn't already in the OOC Lounge. The answer; We have IC intention, a goal for RP, and direction. (5) The Outsiders were typically second-stringers (except for Batman) and we'd like to keep to that theme. However, it is not mandatory nor wholly expected. (6) OCs, other comic characters, and FCs are very welcome. The application process to get in is very easy for FCs and OCs alike. Get into a scene with one of the charter members. Once the scene is complete, if all parties felt it went well, join the Outsiders channel and see if you get along with the other members. You will then be ICly invited to join.

The Outsiders

Xavier Academy, students & faculty
Overview: Summer attrition has reduced the ranks at Xavier's Academy. Those interested in teen stories and metas should consider a student, plenty of canon teens and OCs are more than welcome. Several have been played and are available for application (easy, all their info is on this wiki); they include Synch (Everett Thomas), Miss Martian (Megan Morse), Colossus (Piotr Rasputin), and Iceman (Bobby Drake).
OOC Contact: Emma Frost (player)

Xavier's School

Justice Leaguer!
Overview: Player attrition has reduced the Justice League roster, there are open chars previously played (easily a to apply for as their stats are already on the wiki). They are Captain America (Steve), Green Lantern (Kyle), Black Widow (Natasha), and Batman (Bruce).
OOC Contact: Winsome, staff member

Justice League

Meta Teen Test Subjects
Overview: 8/2/2014 - For an upcoming story arc, meta teen test subjects are wanted. They will be kidnapped but with an opportunity to break out.
OOC Contact: Staff member: Ultimate


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