Actor Name
Name: Donna Troy
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Themyscira
Age: 26
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Altered Human
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Photojournalist
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Amazonian/Photon Energy Manipulation
Portrayed by: Actor Name

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 The Forgotten Princess

- Donna's life began as a magical reflection of Diana. After several months of playing with (and impersonating) Diana, Donna mysteriously disappeared.

- Dark Angel, an enemy of Queen Hippolyta kidnapped Donna thinking she was her sister and forced her to live through a never-ending series of lives each filled with more tragedy and suffering than the last. The life that would become Donna Troy began with a series of tragic events.

- Her mother died shortly after childbirth, resulting in Donna living in an orphanage. After adoption, her adoptive father was killed in an accident.

- Her adoptive mother returned her to the orphanage where a staff member intended to sell her on the black market.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_2 Lost in Time and Space

- Donna was spared from a life of slavery and abuse by Rhea, Goddess of the Earth and mother of Zeus. She was taken to New Chronus to join eleven other unwanted children to become the 'Seeds' of the Titans - destined to ascend to godhood.

- The 'Seeds' were imbued with great powers, trained thoroughly in combat and taught to appreciate the beauty of all life and the arts.

- At 20, crisis had occurred and Donna was called on to help. Sparta, one of Donna's fellow Seeds had somehow recovered her pre-New Chronus memories and had been driven insane, hunting down her siblings and killing them off.

- United with the other two surviving siblings, they faced off against their fallen sister and defeated her. The Titans of Myth gathered and thanked the three before granting them their full powers and freeing them to aid the universe as they wished. Free will.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_3 Becoming Donna Troy. Becoming Amazon.

- Donna soon discovered she had all of her own memories from all of her horrible past lives. With these memories came realization of.. differences in the universe because of the Spectre's Judgment and subsequent lifting of Judgment.

- The behavior that this newfound knowledge brought about in Donna was noticed by Dark Angel. She decided it was time to kill Donna once for all and she attacked. The battle was long and vicious but Donna won, removing all power Dark Angel had held over her once and for all.

- After the battle, Donna found herself returned to the Earth immediately after the Spectre lifted his Judgment.

- Settling into Manhattan, Donna discovered a love of photography and quickly refined her natural eye and talent for capturing the perfect shot. It was a creative outlet as well as a means of income and Donna emerged as a highly regarded and sought after young fashion photographer and photo journalist .

- Donna was reunited with Diana and it became clear that the two were, indeed, mirror images of each other in appearance. Donna's powers largely seemed to match her sister but were also augmented by the Titans of Myth, allowing her to be more than just Diana's shadow. She was properly accepted into the Amazons by Queen Hippolyta and all of her Aunts, giving her a dual lineage.

- Choosing to also honor her Titan benefactors, while returning to her duties as an Amazon, Donna chose to take the moniker Troia as her public heroic persona.

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