Topaz and Voodoo Lounge

The Voodoo Lounge - In the last three years The Voodoo Lounge has skyrocketed onto the nightlife scene. Where once it was just a local watering hole, it is now on the list of places to see and be seen at. It is popular among the jet setting crowd, the office worker just looking for a quick pint after a day at the office and every type in between.
Considered neutral territory you can find both hero and villain having a drink, though usually not together. More often than not you can find a practicer of the arcane, a denizen of some other plane, or other divine or supernatural character.
Everyone is welcome as long as they pay their tab and don't cause any trouble.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday the bar has live music and there are drink specials on Tuesdays.

Topaz - For the last three years New York Night Life magazine has voted the bartender of the Voodoo Lounge, the most beautiful bartender in New York. This is how most people would know her.
Others, those with their fingers in the mystical underbelly of New York know differently. These people know that she is as powerful as she is beautiful, if not more so, and is a great source of knowledge regarding the occult and anything magical or demonic in nature.
A select few will know her as one of the protégés of Charles Xavier, and a frequent lecturer at his school.

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