Sorceress of New York
Deepika Padukone
Name: Topaz
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: India
Age: Unknown
Aliases: None
Origin: Homo Magi/Angelic
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Bartender: Voodoo Lounge
Owner: Violet Moon
Team: None Yet
Alignment: Good
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Sorcery
Portrayed by: Deepika Padukone


IC Events

(2014-12-02) Fire Harvest
Log Title Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning deal with a suspicious fire Date: (2014-12-02) ...

(2014-11-13) Demon Be Gone!
Demon Be Gone Summary: Finding a way to earth, a demon is banished by Topaz with the help of...

(2014-11-04) Wreckers Wrecked
Wreckers Wrecked Summary: Thunderball and Piledriver are foiled by Topaz (Black Knight...

(2014-10-27) New Moon
New Moon Summary: Simon completes the transfer of Violet Moon to Topaz Date: (2014-10-27) ...

(2014-10-21) Where Do Buildings Go
Where Do Buildings Go When No One is Watching Them? Summary: Black Lightning and Topaz hear...

(2014-10-16) Dancing in Moonlight
Dancing in Moonlight Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning go for a walk together, chancing upon...

(2014-09-29) Technology is Toast
Technology is Toast Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning track down info on the satellite from...

(2014-09-26) Magneto Was Right!
Magneto Was Right! Summary: Not really - but a public address by the Ambassador of Genosha turns...

(2014-09-25) Day at the Museum
Day at the Museum Summary: Topaz, Black Lightning and Captain Atom foil Cheshire and Dwarfstar...

(2014-09-15) One Upon a Midnite
Once Upon a Midnite Summary: Topaz, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Black Lightning converge on a secret...

(2014-09-08) Opening Doors
Opening Doors Summary: Black Lightning follows leads on the case of Pluto, meets up with Topaz ...

(2014-08-20) It's Not Work If It's Fun
It's Not Work If It's Fun Summary: Zatanna, Naenia and Topaz at the Voodoo Lounge Date:...

(2014-04-21) A Crowded Bar
A Crowded Bar Summary: Bogart finds his way into the Voodoo Lounge Date: April 21, 2014 ...

(2014-03-24) Bouncer Wanted
Bouncer Wanted Summary: Marko comes looking for a job Date: 2014-03-24 Related: None NPCs:...

(2014-03-24) Arcane Assistance
Arcane Assistance Summary: Moon Maiden comes to Topaz for some help with the golem problem ...

(2012-11-14) Silly Cultists Never Learn
Silly Cultists Never Learn Summary: Topaz, Black Knight, and Hellstrom take down cultists. ...


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