We, the staff, realize that TSing will always go on, no matter what you try to do to prevent it. Therefore, if you plan to engage in such an act, please follow these simple rules:

  1. Do it in a private room. No public locations. If one is caught with their pants down in a public location, they will be penalized for their actions. For the record, a public location is a room that you or the person you are with do not own. If it is owned by a builder or is a public location where anyone could walk in (such as if your character owns a bar and you are in the main room), then it is public and TS is not allowed there.
  2. All TS is OOC only. TS is NEVER considered part of continuity. Fade to Black (F2B) is continuity.
  3. Do not OOCly harass anyone with lewd, suggestive or otherwise offensive comments.
  4. Make sure you find out the person's age before engaging in TS with them. They may be underage and hence you could be brought up on civil/sexual charges by that person's parents. Not a good scene. Also keep in mind that, unfortunately, not everyone is honest online. If they tell you they are an adult but you don't know for sure, don't do it or face the potential consequences. One way to check for their age is by looking at their +finger information which will show if they are Over or Under the age of 18. (Please note that some states have different ages in their pornography laws so keep that in mind as well.) Remember: Not everyone in the world is honest about such things.
  5. Ratings. Note there is a Rating listed in the +finger which is a required field. Please keep yourself informed of the surrounding members of the private area. Do not make a mistake and put yourself into an embarrassing position (no pun intended).
  6. In addition to all of this, to TS you must be 18 or older (IC/OOC and In Real Life). Further, one is disallowed from TSing (sexual behavior or lewd comments/suggestions) with a minor in or out of character. If you are caught in said act, you will be brought before staff and either warned or @nuked, depending on the circumstances and former offenses.
  7. Staff further recognizes that sexual situations may come up among characters under the age of majority (18, for our purposes). It is expected that such scenes will fade to black if they occur. Please refer back to #5.
  8. Basically, know that you're over 18 IRL/IC/OOC and know your partner is over 18 IRL/IC/OOC, else you'll be in trouble.
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