The Punisher
The Punisher
Liam Neeson
Name: Frank Castle
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Queens, NYC
Age: 57
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Human
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Vengeance
Team: N/A
Alignment: Anti-Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Survival, Weapons, and Tactics
Portrayed by: Liam Neeson

Frank Castle was born in 1957 in Queens, his Italian father and Irish mother making certain he'd grow up Catholic. He had brothers and sisters, of course, although he doesn't think about them anymore. They couldn't comfort him, couldn't help. Better for them if they forget him. He went to St. Agnes, a parochial of the old school. The nuns dished out whippings and cracked your knuckles, the priests called you a filthy little bugger, and you knew the slightest step out of line would damn your soul. Hell was a real thing, you could feel the heat in the floor, and every kid in that place came out dead certain he was gonna roast by the time he walked home. A real education.

Frankie didn't pay much attention to politics, although he saw plenty of hippies around the neighborhood (and heard his old man bitch about 'em). They seemed like they meant well, but Frank knew he'd fight. Wasn't a question of right or wrong, one you were in it. Frank signed up at sixteen, dropping out of school. His dad knew the recruiter, let him sneak by. Frank proved an able soldier, more than able, and quickly was shifted to Special Forces. By the time he hit Vietnam as a member of Force Recon, a lot of the official fighting was over. Frank stayed for three years doing a lot of unofficial fighting, going deep into jungles to pull out prisoners, sabotage enemy operations and generally make sure that, no matter who officially won the war, Charlie knew not to mess with the good ol' US of A. Frank left a lot of bodies and gained a lot of demons in 'nam. Luckily, Maria, his high school sweetheart, was still waiting for him when he got back.

Frank and Maria were married shortly after he returned home, and the kids started coming shortly thereafter. Frank found work in a variety of places: construction, hauling, driving trucks, anyplace he could make a dime. Frank was old-fashionied enough to want this wife to stay home with the kids and, especially once the girls were born. Frank loved his wife and daughters, gave his whole self and being to them. Their love was his reward for the hell he went through in the jungle.

Then came the picnic.

Central Park. A beautiful day in the early 80's. They didn't know about the rising crack epidemic, the upsurge in violent crime. They didn't know about the two families meeting nearby, truces breaking, death in the air. They just went for a picnic, in the sunshine. The girls were flying a kite. Frank and Maria were talking about having a third baby, how it was almost time. How glad Maria was that Frank hadn't becomoe a priest, like he always said he would when they were kids.

But Frank never got the hang of forgiveness.

It happened in a matter of seconds, but it seemed to take forever to Frank. The bullets tore apart him and his family. The blood everywhere. Desperately begging God for their lives as his own punctured lungs burned, trying to make them breathe. Officially, Frank Castle survived his wife and daughters. In every way that mattered, though, Frank Castle died that day. And the Punisher was born.

Frank recovered physically, but he couldn't go on living. He disappeared, leaving most of his family and friends to conclude he'd committed suicide. Six months later, the killings began. It started small, with muggers, pimps, dealers. And the rumors of a man wearing a skull, a man with no mercy, a man who wouldn't die. The violence escalated, taking out bossess and soldiers, dons and even entire crime families. The man got a name: The Punisher. New York divided on whether he was a hero or just another psycho, but it was hard to argue with his results.

Over the years, the war has waxed and waned. Frank has been caught on several occasions, his identity expoosed. He's spent time in prison on three occasions, once almost a full year. He tends to kill as much on the inside as he does on the outside. The war never stops. And he keeps escaping. Rumors are that there are those sympathetic to his cause in the system. Maybe they're right. Frank isn't telling. But even after thirty years of war, Frank Castle's thirst for vengeance shows no sign of letting up. An entire new generation of criminals has grown up now with the threat of the Punisher over their heads. To them, he's Death himself. Frank doesn't much care what they call him. He just wants them dead. And he usually gets his way.

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