The Hood
The Hood
Name: Parker Robbins
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Bronx - New York
Age: 26
Aliases: Hood
Origin: Mystical/Artifacts
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Criminal
Team: Solo
Alignment: Opportunistic Neutral
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Mystic
Portrayed by: None

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Parker Robbins was a Nobody.

He wanted to be a Somebody.

Growing up in New York (the Bronx), he came from a lower-class family - single mom, two jobs, struggling to make ends meet - and he dreamt of something more. Robbins pulled out of school in his mid-teens to find work, and help support his ailing mother - life was not easy.

Worse than that, it was boring.

Before too long, Robbins had turned to petty crime to supplement his mothers paltry income, and also to liven up his hum-drum days and nights somewhat. Given the absence of superheroes - and supervillains - crime seemed to be an easy choice: no one with the power to smash walls down, or see through them. Surely that would make the odd thieving job a bit simpler? And more profitable? Alas, Robbins petty crimes stayed… petty. Never achieving very much, he did manage to help make a dent in the medical bills, but hardly enough to knock them out completely.

And the bills kept on stacking.

In his early 20s, Robbins married Sara - a girl who was much, much, much too good for him, and he knew it. Sara already had full-time work as a nurse - a job that kept her out of the house a great deal. Robbins loved her, but had a hard time coping with the notion of monogamy - and the desire to give her more than his own sporadic income would also.

Also, monogamy (rather, fidelity) was boring.

After the Spectres Judgement passed, things began to change. Following up on an opportunity (brought to his attention by his cousin, Jack King), Robbins raided an old warehouse that was meant to be filled with the ill-gotten gains of other independent businessmen such as himself. What he found… defied reality as he knew it.

Robbins had interrupted what looked like a seance. Reacting purely by instinct, he killed the practitioners and a figure cloaked in red that screamed inhumanly as it fell. People were dead before he knew it - but there were no ill-gotten gains with which to line his pockets. Thinking he had to come away with SOMETHING, Robbins took the crimson cloak and boots off the creature he had killed, and put them on.

And that is when the fun started.

A few random encounters with law enforcement and other criminals alike revealed to Robbins the powers that came with his cloak and boots - initially, these were limited to temporary invisibility and air-walking, but soon more powers began to manifest. He foiled a number of attempts to capture (and kill) him, and the press began referring to him simply as The Hood.

He liked that.

He liked that a lot.

Robbins first big break as The Hood came when a rival band of criminals - eager to please the Kingpin of Crime, in New York City - stole a vast sum of money, and then attempted to double-cross the Kingpin. Into this hornets nest of backstabbing and betrayal stepped The Hood. Robbins did not know about the other thieves attempt at double-crossing Wilson Fisk (the Kingpin) until he was already neck-deep in the affair.

Long story short: he lured cops (who were chasing The Hood) to the same meeting place as the rival gang, and representatives of Wilson Fisk. By air-walking - upside down - above his off-sider, a wickedly talented female assassin, in the other gang, Robbins was able to drape her in his cloak. The cops believed that SHE was The Hood, and opened fire.

She died. Hood lived.

The real attention-getter of the evening was Hoods choice regarding the stolen goods. Instead of taking them for himself, he gave them BACK to Wilson Fisks representatives, stating that he wanted no quarrel with the Kingpin. THAT caught peoples attention (in the underworld at least - the cops believed they had killed The Hood, case closed).

That was in 2010.

For a while, there seemed to be no side-effects whatsoever to Robbins continued use of the cloak and boots. He had no idea where they had come from, or how they gave him their powers - he chalked it all down to just magic. But little did he know that there were eyes on him - inhuman eyes - watching his every move, revelling in his every mistake, and savouring his every success: the eyes of Dormammu, a demon-lord of his own hellish plane of existence - with a mind for subjugating the physical.

Robbins activities began to make his wife suspicious - and they had a 5yo daughter to care for, as well. Robbins found himself having to lie a great deal about what job he had, and how much it paid. Then of course were the lies about his activities with prostitutes. These sorts of lies he managed relatively well - it was the insanity that cost him his family.

He didnt notice it himself - and it only cropped up on occasion - but Robbins would sometimes break into manic chuckles, or talk to himself. The real crazy kicked in when he spoke to himself…in DEMON. If people were nearby, they would oggle at him, but he himself remained unaware of exactly what was happening.

Then came the creatures - demons (apparently).

Every so often, at a heist somewhere or a back alley, a seemingly harmless person would turn out to be a monster. Now, given that this was a new era for the weird and wonderful to step into the light and be counted etc etc, Robbins thought little of it… at first. Soon after his big break, he encountered another demon almost identical to the one he had killed when he first claimed the cloak and boots.

The battle was fierce. Intense. It marked the first manifestation of Robbins force-lightning powers, and teleportation. He killed the demon, and fled to a different city altogether - San Diego. Surely San Diego would prove safe from whatever was haunting him.

And it was.

Until part of it sank in the sea. This ruined a wonderful attempt at a heist for The Hood, and now Sub Diego is on his I Hate This Place list. He left for Metropolis, chasing dreams of alien tech, shady (but wealthy) buyers and retiring on a little island of his own…

Only to find the technology he did manage to steal wouldnt work outside of Metropolis. Another bust.

In the end, Robbins returned to New York for the time being, feeling drawn there for reasons he could not explain. Whatever plans Dormammu has for him, they will surely prove to be bad for Parker Robbins - and added to that, there are plenty of others out there who want a piece of The Hood. One way or another it is bound to be a thrill -

And who says crime doesnt pay?

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