Name: Tony Masters
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: NA
Age: 30s
Aliases: Taskmaster
Origin: Gifted Human
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Mercenary
Team: None
Alignment: Netural
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Got Mad Skillz
Portrayed by: NA

There is little in the way of officially history on the mercenary known as Taskmaster, only that, as a young child, he was found to be exceptionally gifted in an unusual way. Possessing an advanced and alternate form of photographic memory called "photographic reflexes", the young Tony Masters learned he was capable of copying nearly any physical action he can see, instinctively replicating the action with little effort. He also learned how to expand upon these copied abilities, able to perform variations of them with time, until he could use them as if they were his own.
After using his powers for his own personal gain in his younger years, the man who would become Taskmaster instead chose to involve himself in criminal activities, as they were far more lucrative than more noble intentions of other individuals with gifts, such as Batman and other non-powered superheroes. After several confrontations with various 'heroes', the Taskmaster was born, and he adopted his trademark costume, and began to use his photographic reflexes and an advanced serum found in one of his heists to become fairly successful as a mercenary. He spent much of his time earning high-dollar contracts training combatants for various groups and governments, even doing a stint training some members of the CIA and FBI in exchange for amnesty from his crimes.
After the events of release of powers held by The Spectre, Taskmaster sees a whole new wide world of opportunities in the various powered beings…namely more people to work for, more people to learn from, and overall, something more interesting.

IC Events

Taskmaster's Logs

(2014-06-05) Educational Challenges
Educational Challenges Summary: Emma and Taskmaster discuss challenges at the school and how...

(2014-05-01) Lesson Learned
Lesson Learned Summary: Taskmaster and Bombshell are in Gotham for some late night training,...


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