Laura Vandervoort
Name: {$name}
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: {$birth}
Age: 16
Aliases: Linda Danvers
Origin: Alien/Human Hybrid
Present Location: {$location}
Occupation: Saves Cats from Trees
Team: {$team}
Alignment: Heroine
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Kryptonian
Portrayed by: Laura Vandervoort

Jor-El of Krypton, the Superman of World War II, did not bleed often but he was wounded on occasion. At least one blood sample ended up in the hands of Project M, a secret government program seeking to create modern day monsters to help the war effort. The scientists and mages of Project M tried a variety of experiments with the blood sample but the most successful ones involved testing the extreme healing properties of Kryptonian DNA.

The experiments did not get far, however, when the Spectre's Judgement stopped them entirely. In the wake of the Judgement Project M was shut down and the experiments locked away. Over time, through death, neglect, and paper shuffling Project M's vaults were forgotten. No one noticed when, on January 1, 2010, the Kryptonian DNA experiment spontaneously reactivated. The white blood cells in the blood samples began duplicating and duplicating and duplicating. Over the next few years the mass of Kryptonian DNA, perhaps because of experiments performed on the source material in the 1940s, developed a rudimentary consciousness.

This Matrix of Kryptonian DNA broke free of the forgotten Project M vault. Driven by primal instincts the Matrix sought out other sources of Kryptonian DNA. It traveled for miles until it came across Leesburg, Virginia.

Linda Danvers was not a particularly happy teenager. Growing up in the small town of Leesburg, Virginia, she never felt she quite fit in. The problems were compounded by her relationship with her parents. Her father, a sheriff's deputy, was on call 24/7 and seemed to miss every important event in Linda's life. Her mother, an assistant pastor at the local church, seemed more interested in councilling other children than her own. And then? There was Linda's older cousin Karen.

Karen Starr was perfect. Karen was brilliant, Karen was nice, Karen was gorgeous, Karen had the chest of a porn star. When Linda did something wrong her parents asked her why she couldn't be more like her cousin Karen and when Karen came to visit everyone, especially boys, ignored that Linda existed as they fell over themselves to impress Karen.

Small wonder, perhaps, that Linda Danvers fell in with a bad crowd. This particular bad crowd was a demon worshiping cult run by a charming schemer named Buzz. Under the influence of Buzz Linda became more and more corrupt. It started simply with drugs and sex and shoplifting but grew to something worse. When Buzz revealed that the local pastor was having an affair with a teenage parishioner he pushed Linda towards murder. At the last minute, however, Linda couldn't go through with it. She dropped the knife. Refused to kill another person.

So, Buzz stabbed Linda and left her to die.

That's when the Matrix found Linda. It was seeking Kryptonian DNA and found it - Linda had "borrowed" the coat she was wearing from her cousin Karen. Little did Linda know that her adopted cousin Karen was the last known survivor of the planet Krypton and there were a few hairs containing Kryptonian DNA on Linda's collar.

As Linda lay dying, the Matrix confused her for the Kryptonian it was seeking. Driven by instinct the Matrix somehow covered Linda's bleeding body and then began to seep inside the wound. The Matrix merged with Linda and together, their DNA became something new. Neither quite Kryptonian nor human.

Linda woke up on the ground. The trauma of her near death combined with the merging blanked out her memory of her time as a member of the cult. She stumbled home and attempted to put the pieces of her life together.

By that point, Linda had been missing for days. Her parents were relieved and embraced their daughter, choosing not to ask too many questions about what had happened. Life actually began to improve. Linda's parents realized they had spent too much time focusing on their jobs and not enough time on their daughter. Linda realized all the bile and hatred inside of her was poison.

Then everything changed. The next day Linda felt the urge to run. So she took of running and kept going faster and faster and faster until she reached a the edge of a gulch. Then, defying all logic, Linda leaped into the air….

? and she flew. When she returned home, Linda looked in the mirror and realized she was half a foot taller and blonde and wearing a blue costume with a big, red S on the chest. Somehow, Linda Danvers had become a female version of the World War II hero, Superman.

Linda remains unsure of how she got her powers or why but Supergirl has appeared several times in Leesburg now. Foiling a bank robbery here, stopping a car accident there. Meanwhile, Linda balances between trying to find out more about her strange new abilities… and what it has to do with her missing memories… and the better family life that has been built since she lost those memories.

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