Actor Name
Name: Virgil Hawkins
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Dakota City
Age: 18
Aliases: His Highness, the Super-Cool Funky Freshness — okay no, it's just "Static."
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Student/Crimefighter
Team: Unaffiliated
Alignment: Do-gooder
Significant Other(s): Single
Powers and Abilities: Electromagnetism with various applications
Portrayed by: Actor Name

The son of a single widower, Virgil Hawkins was raised with a strict view of right and wrong, no easy feat in a city as notorious for teen crime as Dakota City. An attempt to press-gang him into one of those criminal groups led to the fateful decision to be at the City Docks on the night of the Big Bang, an explosion of mutagetic gas that enveloped a large bulk of the city's youth and resulted in the birth of a wave of "meta-humans." Finding himself gifted with the ability to emit huge amounts of electromagnetic energy, Virgil made the decision to become the costumed superhero "Static," deciding to use his newfound ability to help stem the rising tide of criminals both normal and empowered in Dakota City.
Three years would pass with all the adventures (and misadventures) a young superhero could ask for, including battles against fantastic enemies and journeys to both the past and the future. Virgil would also find new allies, such as the gangster-turned-hero Rubberband Man and irrepressible She-Bang. Virgil would also come to terms with tragedies on a more personal front, such as confronting the death of his mother and dealing with an incident of gun violence at his high school. For all its highs and lows, Static's crimefighting career would almost come to complete stop when Dakota's scientists discovered a counter-agent to the Big Bang's mutagetic properties, and began spraying the city wih it.
Despite his own powers trickling away Static would stay true to his ideals, tracking a group of meta-criminals who had stolen a sample of the original mutagenic gas — unquestionably the wrong hands for something so potentially dangerous. The young hero would end up exposed to it once again, restoring his powers at a level stronger than ever before. With his crimefighting ability secure and nearly every meta-criminal in the city neutralized, Static continues to stand tall as one of Dakota City's premier heroes.

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