Actor Name
Name: Stephanie Brown
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Gotham
Age: 17
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Human
Present Location: Gotham
Occupation: Student
Team: Birds of Prey
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Gadgets, Acrobatics
Portrayed by: Actor Name

A Brief History of My Life by Stephanie Brown

  • My dad is Arthur Brown. He used to be a second rate game show host. My mom, Crystal, was a second rate junkie. They were perfect for each other. They even got married.
  • Did you know people bet on game shows? My dad did and he worked with the freaking mob to turn it into big business. See, the mob would solicit all the bets and then dad would rig the shows and then they'd both clean up. Dad got caught. The network didn't want a scandal, though, so instead of charging him they just fired him. Everyone knew, though. After that, dad couldn't even get a job hosting a Utube channel.
  • They moved back to Gotham. By then, I'd been born. Mom stayed clean long enough to have me. Dad didn't want any potential legacies ruined by drugs, after all. Dad, meanwhile, refused to work any job that would hire him. He had this whole "I won't do a job that's beneath me" schtick going. So, he ended up going into crime. Turned out he sort of had a knack for planning heists.
  • I grew up in a crap household. Dad was a career crook. Mom was using on and off. You can fill in the blanks. I learned to take care of myself pretty quick. When dad wasn't ignoring me because he was busy plotting and scheming he could be a control freak wanting me to be perfect. Making sure I could read, enrolling me in gymnastics classes, diction lessons. Stuff like that. I actually liked the gymnastics. He even got me enrolled in a private prep school. Probably blackmailed the admissions board or something. Of course, I couldn't dorm there. Then I'd be out of his control. He couldn't have that!

* A few years back the capes starting showing up. Good guys in costumes. Bad guys in costumes. Dad saw his chance to be famous again. He made himself a costume and started calling himself Cluemaster. He developed this whole thing about incorporating puzzles into his crimes. He sucked.

  • I turned fifteen and I just snapped. I was tired of it. The constant parade of his loser friends in the house. The total control over my life. It sucked. So, I decided to do something about it. The loser wanted to put on a costume? Fine. I could make a costume, too. He was all about clues? I'd be all about spoiling them. I put on a costume. I called myself Spoiler. I spied on him. I spied on his flunkies. He was so arrogant he didn't even worry about the cops much less his own daughter getting information. And I did.
  • Every time Cluemaster tried to pull off a crime, the cops were there. Or someone wearing a mask. It turned out to be easy. A note delivered here. A spraypainted tag there. A brick thrown through the window of a store the night before to make the owner more vigilant. Every single one of dear old dad's schemes got spoiled. He was in a freaking rage, let me tell you. Eventually, he planned a big score. Something to prove he was the Man. He went out on the job himself, to make sure it was done right. I made sure the cops thought the place he was targeting was in the crosshairs of an Islamist terrorist group. Seeing every badge on the planet converging on daddy's pathetic little heist had me laughing for hours. He's still in prison.
  • Since then I've kept up the night routine. Nothing too big. I find out about crimes through dad's old friends and I make sure they get spoiled. It isn't that I care if some rich chain store gets stolen from. I just think this is fun and more productive than being a loser criminal like my dad. Guess I'm an addict, too.

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