Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Name: Peter Parker
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: NYC
Age: 19
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Genetically Modified
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: College Student
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities:
Portrayed by: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Humble Beginnings

Peter Benjamin Parker was born to Richard and Mary Parker nineteen years ago. When he was five his parents had to depart on an important business trip and placed young Peter under the care of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. During that flight the plane lost contact and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. There were no survivors.
Shattered emotionally, Peter recovered with the love of his aunt and uncle and was able to rebound to something approximating a normal life with all the resiliency of youth. For the next fourteen years young Peter led a normal life, albeit a bit bookish one. He enjoyed High School for the most part save for some bullying here and there, but he had a few close friends that helped him get through even the rough times. It was during this time that Peter began to come into his own. He found he had a real talent for science and began work on advanced polymers to help him in his scholarship pitch for going to Empire State University.
It was at the end of his senior year in high school that the normalcy of his life would end.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_2 Along Came a Spider

During a field trip to Dr. Connor's lab at Empire State University, Peter Parker found himself enjoying an impromptu lecture held by the good doctor. He was so enjoying it that he failed to notice that one of the genetically modified and radioactive spiders had escaped from its holding tank. As Peter was snapping a few photos for the school newspaper he felt a sharp sting on his arm. He instinctively slapped the spider away but failed to pay it any further attention. That is until he went home and abruptly passed out from the spider's venom. When he awoke he realized that the interplay of the Spider's venom with his own genetic structure led to his DNA being hacked over the course of the night. He also realized that he felt better than he had in his life. His body was stronger, his eyes sharper, and his senses were keener.
As he experimented with his newfound powers, Peter tried to realize what he should do with them. The obvious choice to him at first was to try and use them to get money for himself and his family in some way. There were powered people in the world, all of them seemed like such celebrities to him. He decided to try and start out small and work his way up. He entered a Toughest Man Wrestling Competition and won handily.
Unfortunately after the competition the fight promoter seemed to realize that something wasn't right and refused to pay Peter. Angrily, Peter stormed off. While in the hallway still trying to figure out a way to get what was coming to him, a man rushed past him having held up the gate receipts from the fight promoter. Peter had an easy chance to stop the man's flight, but purely out of spite he refused to use his powers to help the man. The gunman escaped.
It was only later that night that the gunman went on to kill Peter's uncle as he waited in the parking lot to pick Peter up. Peter was bereft and crushed with guilt. He swore to never again fail to lift a hand to help someone in need. But what is more he swore to find the man that killed his uncle and make sure he never hurt anyone else ever again.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_3 Here Come's a Spider-Man

Putting on a mask and stalking the city, Peter tried to find Uncle Ben's killer. Yet the only description he had of the man was very vague. But that didn't stop him. He combed the city, and while doing so he would stop what crimes would come to his attention. Eventually he started to use the name Spider-Man when people asked who he was and eventually his makeshift sweatshirt, pants, and mask just weren't cutting it. So he cobbled together a suitable outfit and began to head out more and more often. He would fight crime that many superheroes wouldn't bother with, the down and dirty street level crime in New York that was far from glamorous. It's only recently that the name of Spider-Man's gotten out and about, with some measure of notoriety occuring when the Daily Bugle published its first revealing tell-all story about this new masked menace.
Currently, Peter is just now starting his freshman year at Empire State University. He managed to juggle life and home and being Spider-Man, but now as more and more things make demands on his time… he's finding himself stretched thinner and thinner.

IC Events

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