Demi Lovato
Name: Jada Doakese
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, LA
Age: 17
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Student
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Cloning
Portrayed by: Demi Lovato


JD, originally Jackson Doakes. That name didn't actually last her very long. From a very early age, she showed signs of gender identity disorder. Thankfully, she had very permissive, sensitive parents. As a result, it was mostly a non-issue thanks to that and the combination of private homeschooling. A series of support groups the evolution of the age of the internet meant that she actually didn't lack for friends, even being a bit odd in nature. It was, ironically, the the fact that her family was so able to provide for her that got her into trouble.
Like much 'old money' without much to do with their days, they engaged in a lot of charity work. One of the most common sources for their money to go to were LGBT rights groups and the ACLU.


As she was getting older, her parents had decided she was ready to come to some fundraisers with them. A small pack of greedy, right-wing extremists knew she'd be showing up to the fundraiser with her parents thanks to the fact that she opened up in an online forum they were monitoring for opportunities. They saw their chance to spot anti-liberal rhetoric and get themselves a bit of cash in the process. It was about as blunt as could be. Ram an armored car into the limo and take the child. Their ransom demands came the next day along with a box of her fingers, something no sixteen year old should have to go through.
Suffice to say (without going over the lurid details), her parents rushed to pay, even against the advisement of the police. What they weren't expecting was that soon five very traumatized copies of their daughter showed up in their home shortly after. The fingers had apparently grown into copies of her, courtesy of an active metagene. The cruel kidnappers didn't survive the attempt to collect their money thanks to the shootout that followed the clones leading police to her.


It took a very long time for her to so much as emerge from her room after the loss of so many fingers and a week-long imprisonment. When Xavier's extended a hand that offered a spark of hope on how to incorporate both her recent trauma and her new metahuman status into her identity, she was both relieved and ready to flee her home and the painful memories of her hometown (Baton Rouge). Her parents no longer know how to relate to her correctly, and dealing with a young metahuman, even one with such tame powers is proving to be a problem.
They also weren't truly equipped to deal with the fact that their daughter wasn't really the same girl anymore. They'd tried to protect her from the outside world for so long and it came busting in. It was clear that she needed something they couldn't give her. People like her, community. Real people, and not those seen across a computer screen. Xavier's had a chance to be that community, and to give her a larger taste of the real world in a safer environment.


An average day for her before splitting into multiples usually involved mostly studying or screwing off on the internet, a little bit of calisthenics, and then some videogames and sewing. Her life SINCE the multiples came along has grown quite a bit more varied and complex. For one, it's no longer so solely focused on learning and studying. She still loves to spend time on line, but she's taken up a whole host of hobbies since then, too.
A couple of her clones engage almost solely in physical conditioning and sports as a past time, while yet a third has begun to explore more directly social pursuits and common 'kid-stuff', like dancing, watching tv, the like. A fourth literally spends a large amount of its time being lazy, and a fifth spends a lot of time trying to pick up new skills like cooking, singing, and more. While they're more like specialized appendages for her, each one tends to wear a patch or badge somewhere on their person to make it easier for other people to differentiate specific clones. These identifiers contain a personal, stylized number. Specifically, one through six.

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