Kristen Bell
Name: Sally Blevins
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: New York
Age: 18
Aliases: Skids
Origin: Mutant
Present Location: New York
Occupation: Street Kid
Team: None
Alignment: Self
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Force Field
Portrayed by: Kristen Bell

*Born to Bill and Melinda Blevins, NYC, 1996.
*Grows up in an abusive household, primarily physical, emotional, and mental abuse.

  • Excells in school, though has very few friends. Hides the truth of her home life.
  • Early 2011, in a drunken rage, Bill Blevins begins to attack first Melinda who does not survive her injuries, and then Sally. Sally manifests her power amidst the attack. Shocking both Bill and herself seh flees into the streets and proceeds to live and survive on the streets of New York.

*Mid-2011, moving through Central park she comes across a fire manipulating meta and a responce team. Lending aid to the lone Meta, she succumbs first to a gas grenade, and is taken into custody.

*Taken into custody, her identity confirmed as both a runaway, and meta, she is remanded to DEO supervision, given training to hone and control her abilities.
*She remains in the training program, part schooling, part power and self defense training. * A knack for sciences is noted in her academic profile.

  • She remains mostly alone, getting close to few if any of the other meta's she trains and is housed with.

*Late 2013/2014, at the 'school' several students tired of taking orders from the staff rebell, using their abilities they injure both staff and students as a means to make their escape.
*Sally sustains a minor injury amongst the fray, not activating her force field in time, but does end up saving several others with her abilities.

  • Sally flees the school's grounds along many of the other students, fear making her decisions, her flight responce is to return to the streets of New York, where she knoes she can at the very least survive.

IC Events

Skids' Logs

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(2014-06-18) Skids Meets Sonja
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(2014-06-02) Stakeout!
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(2014-05-31) Defenders Pop Quiz
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(2014-05-29) Great Train Crash Busts a Block
Great Train Crash Busts a Block Summary: Another attempted tech robbery, this time in New York...

(2014-05-21) Your Gal Friday
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(2014-05-08) Defenders, Day 1
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(2014-04-24) What's In a Phone?
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