SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Directorate) is an international organization under the mandate of the United Nations. The primary purpose of SHIELD is to combat international terrorist organizations such as HYDRA and Kobra. However, in modern times they have expanded to help local law enforcement agencies deal with metahuman villains as well. SHIELD has roughly 3000 agents recruited from countries all over the world. Agents are ranked based on security clearance. New agents are level 1, standard field agents are level 3, field leaders are level 5, top agents are level 7, and the director of SHIELD is level 10. In the field, agents are often assigned numbers (Agent 3, Agent 10, Agent 200). Players are welcome to apply for OC members of SHIELD up to level 6 and SHIELD has been known to hire agents with superpowers. The current director of SHIELD is Nicholas "Nick" Fury.

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