Jessica Biel
Name: Jennifer Walters
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Age: 32
Aliases: Jade Giantess
Origin: Gamma-irradiated blood transfusion
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Lawyer
Team: None at present
Alignment: Good
Significant Other(s): N… next question…
Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Minor Super Speed, Super Stamina, Durability, Fast Healing
Portrayed by: Jessica Biel

Jennifer Walters was an up-and-coming member of a prestigious New York City law firm when she was struck by a speeding luxury car while walking to work. She would have died of blood loss had her cousin not happened to turn up, allowing for an emergency blood transfusion. Doctors were surprised by her quick recovery afterward, though she complained of consistent pain unrelated to her accident, comparing it to "growing pains". Roughly a month after the accident and her amazing recovery, Jennifer transformed for the first time while watching a baseball game at home, gaining almost a foot of height and a great deal of muscle. Partly terrified and partly amazed, Jennifer realized that her cousin might have some connection to the urban legend of a "monstrous hulk" roaming the country. Her powerful new body brought with it a sense of confidence and power that she'd been lacking before, and she let the world see it without shame or fear.

Unfortunately, things didn't stay coming up green roses. Jennifer's law firm fired her quite promptly upon her return to work, attempting to cite the amount of time she'd taken off work (to learn to control her enhanced strength). While prior to her transformation she might have meekly accepted this, the new Jennifer wasn't having any of it, and sued her ex-employer for discrimination. During the process of the trial and the research it entailed, Jennifer realized that the growing field of metahuman-related law was largely untapped potential, as there was currently no one who truly specialized in such matters. Once the suit was resolved (in her favor), Jennifer took that and the also sizeable settlement from her suit against the driver that hit her and opened her own law firm, specializing in representation for metahumans and those affected by metahuman events.

Jennifer prefers not to label herself a "superhero" or a "metahuman", but as a "person with powers". To that end she focuses most of her energy on her professional pursuits and activism, rather than seeking out a team to join or actively fighting supercrime as a primary goal. She primarily becomes involved by happenstance or opportunity… if a supervillain starts a rampage a few blocks from her office, she goes, or if she sees a bank being robbed while she's out jogging, she stops them. She's usually ready and willing to fulfill requests for help from other heroes, however… she enjoys the adventure of it, and to a certain extent considers it a civic duty.

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