Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch
Eva Green
Name: Wanda Maximoff
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Wundagore Mountain
Age: 26
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Genoshan Ambassador to the UN
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Chaos Magic Manipulation
Portrayed by: Eva Green

* In the beginning, there was Order and Chaos, two forces in cosmic opposition. Throughout the eons, they would empower certain individuals to act as their agents… either to ensure the status quo, or promote change and evolution.
* Sometime after World War Two, Wanda's mother was fleeing HYDRA agents, only to stumble upon a hidden fortress in the Wundagore Mountains. This was the home of the High Evolutionary, who normally did not take well to intruders.
* However, while he disliked intruders, the High Evolutionary disliked HYDRA and their ilk even more, and saved the woman from her pursuers.
* The stress of her rescue caused her to go into labor prematurely, though the Evolutionary was able to save both children, albeit at the cost of the mother's life.
* As she was born, Wanda's soul drew the attention of the Lords of Chaos, who placed their sigil upon her, granting her great power when the stars were right.
* The High Evolutionary, perhaps sensing the meta potential of both children, placed them in stasis and hid their creches away from the Mountain until such time as his calculations showed that the world would be prepared for them.
* Their creches were left undiscovered for decades, the children caught in stasis, until by chance or design, they were found by a couple touring that part of Europe. Amazed by what they had discovered, the tourists took the babies to their homeland, of Genosha.
* Wanda and Pietro had a relatively normal childhood, the twins quite protective of each other, and growing up in what felt to them a normal environment. Wanda showed a knack for politics and diplomacy, focusing on that as she continued her schooling.
* As metahumans started to become exposed and exploited by the Genoshans, Wanda started to advocate for their rights, little knowing how she had been blessed by the Lords of Chaos.
* Three years ago, as she was debating a particularly virulent anti-meta politician, her powers manifested, causing the debating hall to catch on fire.
* As the police moved in to apprehend her, Pietro moved faster than sound itself, whisking Wanda off and across the border before she could even react.
* Saying that Wanda had to fight from the outside now, Pietro volunteered himself to stay within Genosha, helping those that he could.
* So Wanda Maximoff found herself coming to America, claiming asylum as she continued with her schooling, all the while practicing with her newfound power.
* Wanda never forgave nor forgot her homeland for what they forced upon her, or her brother. She received infrequent missives from him, as he fought to stay one step ahead of the Genoshan Police.
* Meanwhile, Wanda honed her political skills, though her asylum status was never formalized one way or another. However, her social media notoriety prevented the Genoshans from taking overt action against her.
* It was through this media that she came to the attention of Maxwell Eisenhardt, or Magneto.
* He proposed a bold plan, turning Genosha into a haven for metahumans, as the concentration per capita of metahumans was higher there than anywhere else, thanks to poor nuclear regulations combined with 'gifts' from nearby nations.
* Wanda nodded, and joined his Brotherhood, with the intent of liberating Genosha. For months and years they planned and strategized, coordinating with the internal Resistance.
* Wanda became acquainted with Charles Xavier at this time, an old friend of Maxwell's, and her desires for revenge were tempered by the idealistic future he represented.
* Then, after intricate planning, they struck. Magneto and Wanda, now known as the Scarlet Witch, leading the vanguard while Xavier used his mental abilities to indirectly assist the invasion.
* After the invasion, Wanda discovered that Maxwell, who bore such a resemblance to Pietro, was in fact the father of them both. Maxwell didn't know of the High Evolutionary, but he saw the echoes of his wife, Magda, in Wanda's features.
* Despite this fact, or perhaps because of it due to his trust, Magneto appointed Wanda to be the Genoshan Ambassador to the United Nations, to show the world that metahumans were not to be feared, and perhaps recruit others to their cause…

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