Actor Name
Name: Scandal Savage
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Brazil
Age: 100 (appears early 20's)
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: Various
Occupation: Mercenary
Team: N/A
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Longevity
Portrayed by: Actor Name

Born 1909 to Vandal Savage and an unnamed Brazilian Woman
She is raised in her native country and trained and taught by her father in academia and combat.
Vandal did not hide who he was from his daughter, and doted upon her and her mother, and protected them duing the his time with them.
Upon reaching adulthood, and confident in the training he'd provided Vandal left Scandal and her Mother.
During her training, she and Vandal discover her abilities, that allow her to heal incredibly faster than normal.
Scandal begins to fight onin the streets and back alleys, and traveling around South America.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_2 The War and The Curse
With a war boomnig in two parts of the world, Scandal hops a ship to join the fighting, despite the unfavorable view of women in the country at the time.
Given her abilities she is a force to reckon with during the Italian campaign of the war.
She stays in Europe, traveling and learning, making contacts amongst those who stayed behind.
She is unable to fight, to train, during this time and turns her pursuits to the academic.
She studies at various universities and spends her time traveling and learning throughout Europe.
She's unable to heal, and is pretty much exhausted throughout the duration of the curse, and it's only as the cracks form does she regain her strength, her abilities to heal and regenerate, albeit slowly. Days instead of seconds.

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_3 Cracks in the Curse
As the cracks begin to form in the curse she begins to feel better, more lively, and slowly resumes her training. Turning to gyms, fencing clubs, to re-hone her combative skills.
As the curse falls, she spends another year, turning to her contacts, fighting, taking jobs as a mercenary, and making a name for herself. One of her jobs takes her to America, and she begins working in the country, mostly security, and a little vigilanteism on the side in her downtime. She targets scum, low-life's criminals, thugs.

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