Karen Gillan
Name: Satana Hellstrom
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 111 (looks 16)
Aliases: Julie
Origin: Half-Infernal
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Student
Team: Xavier's School
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Magic, etc.
Portrayed by: Karen Gillan

(Contains adaptations from Daimon’s background, with permission.)

Around the turn of the century in the Chapel of Dresden, a group of Satanists wanted to breed the ideal high priest and priestess for the being they worshipped. The being called himself ‘Satan’, like so many others throughout history. Victoria Hellstrom’s parents, being friends of the Chapel and demon worshippers as well, sold their daughter to the group as part of a greater plan. Ritually prepared, Victoria was to bear the children of ‘Satan’ and she did so.

Victoria Hellstrom bore her husband a son, Daimon, and three years later a daughter named Satana. Six months after Satana’s birth, a holy hunter named Stephen Loss exterminated the Chapel of Dresden entirely. ‘Satan’ and Victoria continued living together with their children and playing house. Satana grew close to their father while Daimon grew closer to their mother.

Victoria walked in on 6 year old Satana performing a ritual for her father involving a cat, a knife, and a lot of blood. Father revealed his true nature to mother and the whole thing ended badly. Victoria ended up committed to an asylum where she spent the next 12 years. Daimon and Satana are separated and sent to different orphanages. Satana never arrived, and was taken instead to her father’s home plane (affectionately known as ‘Hell’) to be raised by him there.

Once in her father’s realm, Satana is presented with a demonic familiar named Exiter and a demonic companion/slave named Zannarth. She studies under Dansker, an ancient demon. After Satana's 'graduation', she and Zannarth are both banished from Hell. Zannarth is banished to a netherworld, while Satana is banished to Earth.

It’s the roaring 20’s in Manhattan, and Satana discovers how to drain the soul energy from men and feed on it. Following her instincts, she moves to Los Angeles and becomes involved in the Church of the Dark Father.

Satana spends time in pursuit of a group of demons known as The Four, after discovering they were responsible for her banishment to Earth. The pursuit leads to the Netherworld, where she coerces Zannarth to aid her. They kill three and Zannarth perishes as well, but Miles Gomey the leader escapes.

Satana returns to Earth seeking information and perhaps vengeance. She is ambushed by a group of former soldiers led by Monsignor Jimmy Cruz, who beat her and leave her for dead.

Exiter brings help (Michael Heron, a former priest). The demon also kills and consumes a soldier who comes back to ensure that Satana is dead. Heron resists her call when she tries to feed from him. Locating Cruz, Satana loses Exiter to the N'Garai, who were summoned by Cruz. Ambushing Cruz, Satana dodges his shots and eats his soul.

Still in pursuit of Miles Gomey, Satana learns from the demon Agathon that Gomey has kidnapped Heron. She kills Agathon and eventually confronts Gomey, who she learns is really her father. Satan admits that the whole elaborate setup was just a test to prove her power and loyalty to him. Satana turns her back on her father, allowing Heron to die without feeding on his soul. Satan banishes her to Earth until she dies.

Satana returns to California, drawn by power use there to Dansker, while he is possessing another mortal. Satana defeats Dansker in this less powerful form. She continues her involvement with the Church of the Dark Father.

In the early 1930’s the Nazis begin their experimentation with occult forces. As a result of their summoning experiments, Satana is whisked away from Los Angeles to Berlin. She joins Himmler’s occult team as a resident demon expert.

Satana participates in quests for both the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny with the Nazis. And once both artifacts are obtained, the occult team incorporates her mystical knowledge to cast the spells which banish supernaturals and super heroes from Europe. Being in the proximity to both artifacts, Satana herself is immune from the banishment magic. In 1945 the Spectre pronounces his judgment upon metahumans and Satana is banished from Earth.

Rather than going to her father’s plane of Hell, however, Satana is sent to one of his close rivals. Kept there as his prisoner, Satana spends decades under torment as a hostage. She tries repeatedly to escape, using everything from trickery to seduction to cajoling and outright violence. All for naught. Eventually, however, her patience and persistence paid off. Satana was able to talk her way past one of her guards and slip free of her bonds. Just as she was teleporting away, however, her captor’s parting curse hit her.

She arrived back in New York instead of her father’s plane, her physical appearance that of a teenager and her memories locked away. Having found her way to Xavier's Academy now, Satana (who calls herself Julie for some reason) it trying to figure out who she is and how she got here.


IC Events

Satana's Logs

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(2014-10-10) Orientation Day
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