Peter Cullen (VA)
Name: Rom of Galador
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Galador
Age: Unknown
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Cyborg
Present Location: Earth
Occupation: Spaceknight Errant
Team: N/A
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Space Knight?
Portrayed by: Peter Cullen (VA)

* In a distant part of the Milky Way known as 'the Golden Galaxy', a world known as Galador flourished.

  • Its inhabitants were of human descent, though whence they had come from none knew.
  • But Galador became a beacon of greatness, a world of trade and diplomacy, well known for its merchant and peacekeeping fleets.
  • But two centuries ago, the Galadorians sent an expedition to a place called the 'Dark Nebula'.
  • There, the fleet was ambushed, attacked without warning, and wiped out.
  • Then the malevolent Dire Wraiths, inhabitants of the Nebula, boiled out of their home space, intent on conquering the Golden Galaxy.
  • Galador's fleet was in tatters, but not all hope was lost.
  • Scientists and technologists proposed a bold plan: bond volunteers with the proper genetic codes to cybernetic suits.
  • The armor would give the volunteers the edge they needed against the malevolent Wraiths.
  • The downside was the extent of the bonding; the volunteers would be entrapped inside their cyborg armor until such time as their humanity could be restored.
  • Though the price weighed heavy on his heart, the first volunteer was a young Rom, and a thousand youths of Galador followed in his footsteps.
  • Because of his skill, Rom was selected to carry Galador's most potent weapon: the Neutralizer, a weapon designed to not simply slay Wraiths, but banish them from this reality.
  • With Rom at their head, the newly-named Spaceknights met the Wraith fleet above Galador, and a furious battle ensued.
  • But this time, the Wraiths were defeated, the Spaceknights smashing their fleet, and Rom slaying a horrid creature conjured to turn the tide, a Deathwing.
  • The Wraiths fled in disarray with the Spaceknights in hot pursuit, all the way back to their home planet, Wraithworld.
  • As a desperate last ditch attempt to throw off pursuit, they wove a spell of illusion around Rom, distracting him long enough for the Wraiths to flee.
  • Knowing that the Wraiths could cause untold harm wherever they wandered, the Spaceknights dispersed, moving throughout the galaxy to purge the Wraith threat wherever it reared its head.
  • After 200 years, a single Spaceknight has found his way to Earth, to start a new chapter in his order's history.

* Galador does not, strictly speaking, reside in another galaxy, but in a separate arm of the Milky Way. Because there is a preponderance of yellow-spectrum suns in their corner of the galaxy, it gave rise to the name.

  • Galador's inhabitants are indeed human, with minimal genetic drift from Terran humans. It is not known how they came to Galador, or who might have brought them there. The revelation of humans on the other side of the galaxy would be a great shock to them.
  • Galador is still a generally peaceful world, though the reconstruction of its fleet has absorbed much of its time. Approximately one quarter of the Spaceknights have returned home to aid in such work and act as planetary defenders until Galador is secure.
  • Galador's technological levels are on a par with the Shi'ar or other spacefaring civilizations, except in cybernetic and augmetic research, where they are actually quite a bit ahead.
  • The Spaceknights themselves are not widely known. Both the Green Lantern Corps and the Nova Corps have files on strange robotic entities which sometimes pass by, and sometimes apparently annihilate targets at random. However, there are so few Spaceknights abroad in the galaxy that there are entire sectors which have never seen one. Fortunately, the Wraith population has been so reduced they are not exactly in large supply either.

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