Name: Richard Grayson
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Age: 18
Aliases: Robin
Origin: Human
Present Location: Gotham City
Occupation: Student/Masked Vigilante
Team: Bat Family
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: Human
Portrayed by: {$actor}


Richard Grayson was born into a family tradition of acrobatics, and trained in the art all of his life as part of the Flying Graysons of the Haley Circus, instructed by his parents John and Mary. He joined the act at a very young age, having a natural aptitude for it. Life was good and he was happy. It was about the age of twelve that things went bad. He overheard the crimelord Tony Zucco threatening the owner of the circus, demanding they pay him protection or else. They refused, and Richard was the one that ended up paying the highest price. That night at a charity performance for many of the wealthiest in the city, his parents put on a duo routine to begin with that was a lead-up to the full family act. Watching from below, Dick was horrified to see the line snap, and his parents both tumble to their deaths below, dying in front of him. He blamed himself as much as Zucco, because he didn't warn them of what he'd heard.

He was quickly put into the system, living for a time at a juvenile care facility. There were numerous conflicts with older kids, and he was beaten up frequently. Eventually they moved him, transferring him to a Catholic Orphanage in Gotham. Luckily for him this didn't last long. One of the spectators the night his parents died, a well-known playboy by the name of Bruce Wayne, took him in as a ward. Dick didn't want to be adopted and abandon his birth father, and quickly found Bruce's parenting style to be somewhat lacking. In point of fact, he pretty much never saw the older man. He took the 'freedom' to investigate his parents death however, wanting to prove it was Zucco and bring him to justice.
In sneaking out to do so, he ended up running into the supposedly mythical Batman. A run-in with some of Zucco's associates nearly cost him his life, and it was only the intervention of the caped crusader that saved him. He eventually woke up in the Batcave, where he was amazed to find that his neglectful guardian was actually the Batman. Working with him they uncovered proof of Zucco's involvement, the crimelord seemingly dying of a heart attack he could be apprehended, and in the end Batman made him an offer Dick couldn't refuse: Become his partner in crime-fighting.

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