Restricted Types

This is a game based on superheroes from the Marvel, DC, and occasionally other comic book universes. We do not accept characters from other genres such as Dungeons and Dragons, Highlander, or anime. If in doubt, please check with staff and they will help you figure out if a concept is appropriate for Age of Heroes.

We rely on RP to weed out power gamer and twinks. If you are perfect in every scene - are never scared, never startled, never hurt, never angered, never surprised, etc. you will find that people are reluctant to play with you. Every character, from Superman and Thor down to Jimmy Olsen and Jane Foster, has flaws. Please keep this in mind while you are applying for your character.

That being said, please be aware that staff will look closely at all applications. Rather than put together a long list of restricted concepts we're trusting the players to create interesting characters and not Mary Sues/Gary Stus. FCs and OCs who have very few flaws will be asked to address this problem. In addition, OCs who seem to "have it all" (powers, a wide skill set, wealth, and fame) will also be carefully looked at. Staff does reserve the right to put a temporary ban on certain character concepts if there's an abundance of them on the grid. For example, if every other OC on the grid is currently a celebrity rock star, we'll probably put a temporary ban on that concept.

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