Character Reputations

Back in the 1980's, the Black Canary patrolled Gotham City. The leather- and fishnet-clad vigilante prowled the city on a motorcycle, solving crimes that were too esoteric for the GCPD and busting up criminals the hard way.

Around 2010, after an absence of 20 years or so, the Black Canary has returned to Gotham. Same look, newer bike, same attitude. And she doesn't look like she's aged a day. While the Canary works primarily in Gotham, she's also been known to help out up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

For those who pay attention to such things, it isn't too difficult to work out that Black Canary's activities are pretty central to a certain part of Gotham City. (See +flaw/all bcan) And in completely unrelated news the Sherwood Florist, a nice little flower shop, has changed hands from mother to daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance.
Black Canary

Known Heroes

Four years since the Judgement ended, who are the heroes the tabloids talk about and websites are dedicated to?

  • The only hero with his own PR department is Tony Stark aka Iron Man. He's rich. He's famous. He's a genius. He's probably got a sex tape out there somewhere…
  • Zatanna Zatara isn't known as a superhero. She IS, however, known far and wide as the most famous burlesque performing stage magician in the world.
  • Power Woman may have been one of the first superheroes to debut on the scene and the Woman of Tomorrow is heavily associated with the city of Metropolis.
  • Moon Maiden, the Romanesque heroine who claims to come from the world has been on the scene almost as long as Power Woman.
  • The Dark Knight of Gotham is only an urban legend, though one that has been growing with increasing frequency in the last four years.
  • There's a crazy guy claiming to be the Norse god Thor. He's got a hammer and powers and he's been showing up at Greenpeace rallies and anti-whaling operations.


During World War II the original Superman (Jor-El) occasionally encountered a substance known as K-Metal which sapped him of his strength. Jor-El theorized that the K-Metal was a radioactive element from Krypton that somehoe followed his spaceship through hyperspace to Earth. The existence of K-Metal was classified by the US government and the public never found out it existed. After the Spectre's Judgement, all K-Metal on Earth transmuted into lead.

In 2012 an alien being known as Brainiac attempted to digitize and capture the city of Metropolis. He was opposed by Power Woman. During the battle Brainiac made use of a green, glowing rock to weaken Power Woman. During this moment he bragged about the irony of "using a piece of a home planet Kara Zor-L had never known to kill her". Power Woman was saved by, of all people, a local toughneck named Bibbo Bibbowski and Brainiac was defeated (and his technology merged with Metropolis, turning it into the city of tomorrow). The moment was recorded by a number of cellphones and made it onto the internet where the green, glowing rock was quickly dubbed 'Kryptonite'.

In summary:

  • The public knows green Kryptonite exists. They know it weakens Kryptonians and could possibly kill them.
  • Chances are the US government has some Kryptonite locked away in a vault. Just in case.
  • There's probably no more than ten or twenty pounds of green Kryptonite on Earth. There are, of course, outstanding bounties on it from several criminal organizations - everyone wants a rock capable of killing Power Woman.

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