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Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: New Orleans
Age: 23
Aliases: Gambit
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Thief. Ladies Man.
Team: Team Me
Alignment: Neutral/Gray
Significant Other(s): Non
Powers and Abilities: Kinetic Charging/Empathic
Portrayed by: None Yet

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Born in New Orleans with unusual eyes: red irises on black sclera. It was because of his unique eyes that he was snatched from the hospital shortly after birth. It was believed that he was the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy for the even older Thieves Guild.

In those early months, he was under the guardianship of a person known as the Antiquary. Jean-Luc LeBeau saw the child and could not abide the thought of him being raised as a relative slave. LeBeau struck a bargain with the Antiquary to free Remy. He was placed into the care of fellow Thieves' Guild member Fagan and his group of child-thieves.

Remy showed that his instincts were strong and he was a survivor. He watched other members of the Thieves' Guild pick pockets, rob and steal to make their ill gotten living. Learning from an early age the laws of the street, he perfected his own techniques and was finally able to carve out a living for himself.

When ten, Remy crossed paths with Jean-Luc LeBeau once again - he tried to pick the man's pocket. He almost succeeded and it was from this encounter that LeBeau decided Remy was mature enough to bring under his wing. He adopted the boy and began instilling in him the ways of the Thieves' Guild and warning of their rivals, the Assassins' Guild. Nothing changed regarding Remy's behavior; he continued to stir up trouble across the city as only a street-rat his age could. However, being favored by the Guild master had its own price: the rest of the guild treated him as an outcast and it wasn't until he met a young girl named Belladonna that he had his first true friend.

It turned out that Belladonna was the daughter of the Assassin's Guild-master. Just the same, the two became fast friends. He was able to learn a lot about the Assassins' Guild from the long talks and time spend with her. It was from those talks he fell in love with Belladonna, doubtless a foretelling of the trouble that was to haunt him his whole life.

When the Spectre's Curse was lifted, Remy was just 15. His natural talents suddenly flared with his latent mutant powers fully manifesting. At this time he also underwent his rite of passage to prove he was worthy of a full place in the Guild. Known as The Tilling, his Guild-friend and half-brother Henri was his sponsor. In Remy's case, he was to steal a gem known as l.Etoile du Tricherie.

Before Remy could complete the complex theft, a second thief appeared to claim it for its previous owner, a man named Herzog, claimed the gem. Remy was bested by the thief who then captured Henri and secured him to one of the spires of Notre Dame. Forced to make a choice, Remy saved Henri while the thief made his escape with the gem.

Back in New Orleans, Henri lobbied for Remy given the situation and Remy was granted full Guild status. Not long after, the Thieves' and Assassins' Guilds decided to try and make peace work between them. Their solution was to marry Remy and Belladonna, though it had actually been arranged years before when the two became friends as children.

Unfortunately even the best laid plans, and those done with the best of intentions, often fail to work out. Belladonna's brother Julien refused to accept the peace treaty and challenged Remy to a duel after the wedding. Remy killed him. Even though he was just a pawn in the situation, he was held responsible for killing the son of a Guild master and they opted to banish him so that the peace might hopefully work. Remy left without even offering Belladonna the chance to go with him. Even had he stayed his place in the newly Unified Guild would have been in question after killing Julien. Arguably Remy was the rightful heir to the Guild should Jean Luc die or step down. That didn't have to mean the former Assassins' Guild members had to agree or like it. Leaving was the best choice until such time as the situation had blown over or settled down, if ever it did.

Remy began to wander the world, plying his trade as an increasingly skilled thief while using his ever growing mutant powers to aid him. Arriving in New York City on New Year's Day 2015, he has begun to scope out the city, studying the growing mutant/meta/vigilante happenings in the United States with particular curiosity and an eye toward how to play it to his own advantages.

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