Red Sonja
Red Sonja
Bella Thorne/Christy Hemme
Name: Mary Jane Watson
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 17
Aliases: MJ, Mary Jane, Sonja, Red Sonja
Origin: Mystic
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Student/Model/Journalist/Gal Friday
Team: Defenders For Hire, Inc.
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Consumate Battle Skill
Portrayed by: Bella Thorne/Christy Hemme

Mary Jane Watson is not world- or even city-famous,  but she has a good bit higher profile than the average teenaged girl in New York City. She has done modeling work - mostly catalogs and small fashion shows. She also has an ongoing blog, including an ongoing video segment (vlog), with news stories that don't get school approval but she wants to cover anyway. (And yes, a few of them are about that wacky wall-crawler, Spider-Man.) She is also pretty much the face of the Midtown High journalism department, including the school television station (and the voice of the school radio station's news segment). She hasn't hit the Big Time (tm) yet. But there are plenty of folks who have noticed, and it could potentially be 'any day now'. Seriously. In addition, Mary Jane now has an after-school and summer job working as a receptionist and all-around 'gal friday' for Defenders For Hire Inc., the private detective firm.

Say the name 'Red Sonja', and honestly most every person on Earth will simply look at you blankly. She has no media profile, and pretty much doesn't exist. ON THE OTHER HAND, if you run a Google search for 'hot redhead in armor bikini', your browser will asplode. Please, turn on Safe Search first; the fan art is dangerous. Apparently, some woman has been spotted a few times in the last year dealing with various 'situations'. The first was some cretin who tried to take hostage all the patrons of the Museum of Natural History, including a huge high school field trip group, while doing some kind of freaky magic thing. She kicked his arse, quite demonstrably, while wearing what can charitably be called a 'scale mail bikini' and wielding a sword that some swear they saw in one of the museum display cases before this incident began. She has since been seen a few different times around the city's burroughs, dealing with a street gang, some muggers, and a carjacker. Obviously, no one has ever gotten her name, and she doesn't do interviews. But she most definitely isn't shy.

Red Sonja
In the ancient and forgotten Hyborean Age, a young woman known as Sonja was born and raised on the western Hyrkanian steppes, the beautiful redheaded daughter of the chief of her tribe of peaceful farmers.

All of that would be torn away in her seventeenth year, when a roving band of barbarian mercenaries attacked, slaughtering most of of the family. Sonja struggled to defend herself, but was too weak to effectively lift and swing her brother's sword. Sonja was disarmed, and subject to brutal treatment, left for dead by her attackers.

Covered in her own blood, and that of her family, broken and dying, Sonja prayed for vengeance to Scathach. The goddess granted her wish, giving her unparalleled strength, agility and fighting prowess, demanding only that Sonja agree never to lie with a man unless he could defeat her in combat.

Sonja's battles were legendary in her time, and likely formed the basis for many stories about untouchable, impossibly beautiful warrior women. She battled and defeated armies, overthrew mad kings, and made war upon powerful sorcerers. It is said by some that she was never defeated. But some say that someday, she met her match, for her lineage did not end…

Mary Jane Watson
Born the younger of two daughters to Medeline and Philip Watson, Mary Jane's life was neither idyllic nor hellish. Instead she was just another child living the best life that could be managed in another broken home in the modern age. When Madeline left Philip, Mary Jane went with her mother, and the two stayed with a succession of several relatives as Madeline did her best to build a strong, safe home. Mary Jane's favorite of all of these was with her aunt, Anna May Watson in Queens, New York. (Interesting side note: Anna May Watson is the next door neighbor to Benjamin and May Parker, who would take in and raise young Peter Parker.)

Mary Jane learned early on to work hard to keep up her mother's spirits, keeping things light and humorous and and always staying upbeat. This made her a natural in performing, and sparked the beautiful young redhead's interests in modeling and acting, which she pursued in and outside school.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane was not content with merely performing and looking good, and she wanted more than that. The bright young woman parlayed her interests into investigative reporting and journalism, including the school newspaper, her own blog and vlog, and the school television station.

Kulan Gath at the Museum
On a Midtown High field trip to the New York Museum of Natural History, Mary Jane's existence would change. She came along, videoing the entire trip for footage to cut together into her vlog, and was hoping to put together a story for the school television station.

What was going to be a rather boring segment became much more exciting in relatively short order. One of the guards at the museum ended up busting open one of the cases and pulling out a necklace, drawn in by the magical essence within. When he put on the necklace, he was fully possessed by Kulan Gath, a fearsome sorcerer of the Hyborean Age and one of Red Sonja's enemies.

The sorcerer held the patrons of the museum hostage, preparing to transform New York and assume rulership. Mary Jane, drawn to one of the artifacts in the nearby cases, found herself compelled to finally take her chance, busting open the case to retrieve the sword within, and recite in a language she could not even understand the Hyrkonian words, "By the blood of Scathach and the Blade of Sonja, I call upon the power of the Red Warrioress."

With that incantation, Mary Jane Watson was transformed, becoming the reincarnation of Red Sonja. She proceeded to once again defeat Kulan Gath and supposedly destroyed the amulet by throwing it into an incinerator.

Thanks to everything that happened, Mary Jane has been able to keep that sword, and now she has a chance to really make her mark on the world.

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