Actor Name
Name: David Akenda
Gender: Characters Gender
Place of Birth: Japan, Kyoto
Age: 18
Aliases: Razor
Origin: Mutant
Present Location: New York City, New York
Occupation: Playboy, Petty thief, student
Team: None
Alignment: Neutral
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Wires
Portrayed by: Actor Name
  • Born into a very wealthy Japanese Family born in 1999. David Akenda (Razor) was always of two cultures. With his mother being an American, and his father a Japanese business man in one of the most popular technology companies. He grew up borderline ostracized from Japanese culture. With his Father's company producing electronic components for computers around the world, David Akenda had little in the way for needs or wants.
  • When you are the son of a wealthy businessman, it is unavoidable that at times you could be in danger for your life, as a result David Akenda was trained in various Martial arts ranging from Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu. starting at roughly 5-7, but never really focused on them. to make himself a professional.
  • When the Spectre's curse lifted in 2010, for David very little changed, except that now he could manifest his mutant powers. Although they would not manifest until he was 13.
  • One day at home while helping prepare a meal for his family a group of kidnappers had busted in to the family home intent on kidnapping David and his mother. David at this point fighting and unable to protect his mother when she was hit over the back of the head he manifested his mutant powers, producing from his fingers a number of fine light wires that suddenly wrapped around the weapon of the Kidnappers and then sudden constricted tightly slicing katana sword into fine metal shards. When the Kidnappers pressed themselves, to David at least, he passed out. David had in fact used his mutant powers to kill the kidnappers leaving a fairly bloody mess of slice body parts. David would subconsciously suppress this event as too traumatic to remember.
  • Word reached his father who rushed home and using his money his father covered the event up as a kidnapping attempt gone wrong. Horribly wrong.
  • Launching a private Investigation of the event, it was discovered that David could manifest unusual powers. David found out he could produce a set of Psychic wires from his fingers, with the ability to grab hold of and ensnare objects with them or slice through them leaving a mirror like finish. Unlike some fathers, David's father was not shamed, nor horrified that his son was gifted (a mutant) but still for his family's protection wanted to keep it secret. Thanks to his training in the Martial arts, David quickly mastered the basics, and with the aid of a private Psychic trainer (Japan actually has schools dedicated to the study of ESP and psychic powers), Mastered his abilities learning the full effects, abilities, and limitations of his powers.
  • David being trained in the martial arts, knows the value of discretion, and seldom uses his powers or abilities.
  • When David turned 17 he began to grow bored with his static life always sheltered, always well provided for, turned to theft. He would use his powers and abilities to break into a cooperation that was a rival to his father, and using his powers was able to get hold of some damaging information to the Police that allowed his father to take over the company and becoming a very serious name in the world of electronics
  • His father suspected, and when he confronted his son he openly admitted to performing the act, and while his father was shamed, he understood the reasons. He also felt he had failed his son. So he chose that it was time for his Son to get out in the world (and away from the speculation and investigation of Corporate espionage investigations). He was sent to America, allowed a considerable allowance, with the Stipulation that he avoid trouble with the Authorities. And the first order of business was to investigate a certain school dedicated to gifted youngsters, in New York State. With the goal for a sizable donation, unaware that his father had arranged for him to actually attend the school as a student

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