We will address this in two different ways: IC and OOC.

Although this is a comic based game, we understand that some people like to utilize profanity while IC to bring more life to their characters. Even though these types of words are not used in comic books themselves (MAX titles not withstanding), the staff have agreed that as long as things are kept to an R-rating (like in the movie theaters in the United States), it will be all right. However, players have their own rating levels that they feel are acceptable, which are placed in the Rating field in their +finger. We have provided a code that can be used from any location on the grid. If you type '+ratings' (without the ' symbols), it will show you the rating set for everyone in the same room with your character. This will allow you a quick check of everyone in a room instead of having to check the +finger for each person. We do ask that you keep in mind these ratings, and the fact that some of our players are underage. Try to limit your use of profanity to keep from offending someone. In other words, do not use profanity for every other word in a sentence.

OOCly, we ask that you limit profanity. All OOC areas are considered to be a PG-13 rating, so nothing should be said that you wouldn't see in a movie with the same rating. If you are asked not to use profanity by someone OOC, you must stop no matter if it is PG-13 level or not. If you do not stop and continue to use that language around the person it offended, you will be considered to be harassing that player (See News Harassment).

NOTE: There is a 'ZERO TOLERANCE' rule in this regard. If you are acting in poor behavior through public mediums (public channel, OOC lounge, etc), you will be warned. If your behavior isn't changed and you continue to act in a profane regard, you face the risk of being @booted, @nuked, and site banned. Play nice, or don't play at all.

All things considered, unless you know those you are playing with very well, it makes sense just to hit shift and a number of keys across the top of your keyboard, like they frequently do in comics.

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