Do not enter a private room without the permission of the person who @chowns the room or the people who are in the room at that time. A private room is a location that is owned by a player, that is not a place of business on the grid. For example, a living room in a house will be a private room. A coffee shop that is owned by a character on the game would be a public location. The apartment above the shop would be private.

A sewer room that is not @chowned by a specific person as a hideout would be a public room. If you are unsure, ask before simply going into a location. Either check with an on-duty staff member or the players that might be in the room you wish to enter. To walk into a private room without permission is a violation of the rules and will be dealt with harshly.

Do not create spying devices to monitor public or private locations, be they visible or dark. If any such devices are found, they will be destroyed and the player will be dealt with for violating the rules — the player will be nuked and banned without further notice.

Do not reveal private information given to you by other players, especially if they have asked for this information not to be shared. This can be names, e-mail addresses, alts, etc. If they wish to share such information, they will do it on their own. Do not try to get such information out of other players. Again, if they wish you to know, they will tell you. Do not reveal private pages or @mails without the permission of the parties involved. For example, if you have a paged conversation with someone, do not then share the conversation with the entire OOC lounge. That would be a violation of the privacy of that person who believed they were speaking to you in confidence. Another example would be if an @mail were sent asking for information not to be shared, then that information is passed on to others. This should not happen on the game. Please note, this refers to OOC information only. RP logs can be shared and often are required for credit toward quotas. It also refers to the MU only.

Something for all players to keep in mind is that not all players believe in courtesy toward one another, as unfortunate as that is on a consensual roleplaying game. Be sure who you are talking to and what they might do with this information off-game before you openly share things you might find embarrassing or upsetting later. The only exception to sharing OOC information would be logs of private conversations or copies of @mails being provided to Staff in regards to a complaint, such as harassment.

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