Power Woman
Power Woman
Kate Upton
Name: Karen Lee Starr
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Hyperspace
Age: 20ish
Aliases: Kara Zor-L
Origin: Kryptonian
Present Location: Metropolis, DE
Occupation: Business Woman, Programmer, STEM Wunderkind, Engineering Student
Team: The Justice League
Alignment: Heroic
Significant Other(s): None yet
Powers and Abilities: Solar Battery, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Super Speed, Super Endurance, Super Senses, Super Flight, Heat Vision, Super Breath, Solar Regeneration
Portrayed by: Kate Upton

One of the biggest superhero names in the world, Power Woman debuted in early April of 2010, catching a falling experimental plane in mid-air in the middle of Metropolis. Since then, she has made Metropolis her home, and become an international fixture of the superhero community. She is respected and honored for working alongside and supporting the authorities, never overriding them, and for acting with a clear moral compass. She is a much-beloved heroine.

Karen Starr is an advanced Engineering student at Metropolis University, and has been a bit of a math and science wunderkind all her life. She has started several keenly popular mobile apps, including the WorldWatching app, and has used the monies made there, and an X-Prize, as seed capital to start her own company: StarrWare, Inc. Her father is CEO, but Karen is definitely the StarrGaze-glasses wearing face of the company.

The House of L
On the once lush and vibrant world of Krypton, the House of El was one with a long and storied history, reaching back through the birthing matrices to the very dawn of Kryptonian civilization. And like any such long-running family tree, through the millennia there were many branches that spread far and wide. Most of those branches, by the very nature of Krypton's history and culture, remained close to the root of the tree. Those that spread far away largely dwindled and faded away. But there were a few branches that managed to settle themselves and build a new root, eventually growing a whole new tree. That tree - the House of L - would never develop the prestige of the House of El. But they stayed within each other's orbit, following a deep tradition of service and science.

So it would be that the House of L would volunteer to join an expedition to establish a colony on Krypton's second moon, Koron. When, centuries later, the first moon, Wegthorn, was destroyed by Jax-Ur, the resulting war that would follow would lead to the decision to abandon all space flight, enforced by the Science Council. This cut off the colony of Koron, leaving them to their own devices. With their self-sufficient advanced Kryptonian technology, the colony continued to thrive, while remaining ostensibly under the command of the Science Council of Krypton. They remained in close contact, sharing communications and data easily.

Plans to Escape
Centuries later, that close contact and cooperation would bring together Zor-L of Koron with his cousin, Jor-El of Krypton. The two scientists were each doing all they could to improve the lives of their fellow citizens. Their research together would span far and wide over the years, but with Zor-L's access to the sensors on Koron, they would eventually start collaborating on their biggest and most fateful research: the geological instabilities of Krypton herself. And as both men became convinced of the dire and devastating fate which awaited their shared homeworld, so too they shared a desperation to overcome that fate by whatever means they could. Failing to convince the Science Council to undertake missions to stabilize the planet's core, they would eventually share research once again, to rekindle the seeds of long-lost space flight. Zor-L would share with Jor-El all of the data the colony of Koron had on their own space vessels, propulsion and guidance, as they both worked to develop a means to escape the forthcoming devastation.

While Jor-El and his wife Lara would eschew the standard methods of their Kryptonian heritage - the birthing matrices - and instead gestate Kal-El naturally, Zor-L and his wife Allura (Van-Lor by birth) made a different decision. They instead stole the birth matrix of the Koron colony, and planned their own escape vessel to include the birthing matrix, that their child would be generated in the same fashion as all Kryptonian children had been for millenia: via genetic engineering.

The Last Daughter of Koran
When the fateful time arose, and no more could either man delay, both wished each other luck, and they did what they both felt had to be done, launching those vessels and their precious cargo deep into space, towards a far-off world where they hoped their offspring would survive and thrive. They headed for Earth, where Jor-El himself had once operated as a hero amongst humanity.

The child who would bear the name Kara Zor-L would be created by the birthing matrix of the Koran colony, carefully selecting genetic material from Zor-L and his wife Allura to create the best possible offspring, based on parameters not set by the Koran colony computers or the Science Council, but based on the parameters assigned by the couple themselves. Kara would be their one and only hope for the future, and they would not stint on that last hope. That tiny seed of life would be nurtured by the technology of the small escape ship, assembled and implanted in the artificial womb within minutes of launch, still bathing in the red rays of Rao. The zygote would grow and mature across many months, as the ship crossed tremendous interstellar distances in hyperspace.

The Arrival of Karen Starr
The ship managed to pass through one of the ever-growing 'cracks' in the barrier surrounding Earth as established by the Spectre. Its targeting, however, would be affected by an unplanned alteration in heading caused by that passage. Rather than landing in the flat expanse of Kansas, there hopefully to join Kara with her distant cousin Kal in their new world together, Kara's ship would land - quite roughly - in the Cascades north of Mount Ranier, amidst a brilliant but ephemeral meteor shower in January of 1996.

Kara's ship would be discovered by Geraldine and Richard Starr, after it landed on their land. The couple investigated the damage in the woods at the back of their property, and discovered the small alien vessel within. At their approach, the hatch unsealed, revealing to their gaze the towheaded girl resting in the cradle and retracting safety harness inside, wrapped now in a swath of crimson cloth. Unable to fathom abandoning what was clearly a child of only a year or two in age, they took the child home. In the weeks that followed, Richard and Geraldine would move the small alien craft several times, until finally stowing it in a hastily excavated cellar dug beneath their garage. The ship would remain largely undisturbed for over a decade, while the girl would find herself blessed with the name Karen Lee Starr, and adopted as a daughter into the family of this Terran couple.

Blending in and Early Education
Karen's alien nature was relatively easy to ignore for much of her early life, with only minor and usually intermittent anomalies. There were times when she would hit something too hard, moments when she would prove herself inordinately resistant to injury, flashes of speed or moments of intense perception. Overall, however, Karen and her adopted parents were able to largely ignore this and live their lives. Karen proved to be a very bright and able student at an early age. She was also highly active, but the Starrs gently discouraged her from participating in most public sports displays, as they had seen just enough to suspect that their daughter was exceptional, and they had no desire to see a spotlight shined on that in curiosity. No one seemed to pay nearly as much attention to the fact that she was just very smart, and never - ever - seemed to get sick.

Karen proved an early and able user and manipulator of technology, often astounding Richard with her insights and ability, himself an early master programmer, a phreaker turned hacker. By the time Karen was eight, Richard and Geraldine had decided to explain everything to their beautiful daughter, including where they found her and what little they knew or had learned through the years. Always having known that the Starrs had chosen to raise and love her, Karen was not threatened by this knowledge, and found it all fascinating. She would eventually insist on accessing the ship buried in the cellar beneath the garage. Accessing the still-active core of the symbioship allowed Karen to continue her education far beyond the confines of school, immersing herself in Kryptonian science, language and history, combined with a wealth of knowledge about Earth itself, thanks in no small part to everything Jor-El himself had learned during his sojourn there in the 1940s. After a few difficulties in school science classes, Karen soon learned to limit what she revealed of what she was really learning and capable of.

Pre- and Early Teen Years
Karen's middle school years were increasingly challenging, as her body and mind matured, and as her Kryptonian education picked up pace. By the time she was approaching high school, she had already proven herself a science fair champion and was being actively recruited by several private high schools looking to add her academic might to their reputations. But the Starrs kept their daughter in public school, believing that best for her long term socialization. Karen's biggest challenge wasn't school, or keeping her alien heritage and abilities secret, however. Those were things she had long since adapted to and coped with quite naturally. Her biggest challenge was the fact that she was quickly the tallest, and most outwardly mature of her classmates. This drew a whole new kind of attention to Karen, and she had to learn how to deal with it. Thankfully, while the Starrs couldn't help her much with much of her alien heritage, they could help guide their beloved daughter through these kinds of personal and social challenges with aplumb and gentle support.

Karen's high school years were very active, with the increasing tall and beautiful blonde always seemingly running thither and yon - though only rarely at speeds so great that others would realize her secrets. She joined the Model Legislature club, which would also lead to Model United Nations later on. She joined the Astronomy Club as well as the Science Olympiad and the Academic Challenge teams. Her increasing popularity and social grace also leant themselves to election as class treasurer, and to the Student Government Council as one of the representatives to the school administration, Parents Teachers Association and the local School Board.

WorldWatching app and Earliest Heroing
Karen's continued efforts in programming would result in the WorldWatching app, which took off with the advent of the major smartphone platforms. WorldWatching established a social media hub for crowdsourced news and information: anyone with a smartphone could take pictures or video with the app and post it, along with their own commentary. The app took off and quickly became one of the most popular apps and platforms. Of course, it also made it possible for Karen to follow the goings-on that she might otherwise miss, being so busy. Which led to the third thing that started to chip away at her time.

With the continued rise of costumed criminals, and ongoing 'strangeness,' Karen's high school career didn't just focus on school, extracurriculars and her programming. Though she had not yet settled on a costumed identity, this gifted young woman couldn't do nothing when she knew others were in danger. Trusting to her luck, her smarts, and her sometimes-handy powers, Karen did what she could to help, while struggling to - of course - keep her secret. As if high school wasn't challenging enough!

Full Power and Power Woman
Those challenges increased with the end of 2009 and the fall of the Spectre's curse. Karen's alien heritage truly came to the fore, as she grew stronger, faster and more durable than she ever could have imagined previously. Her supersenses were a constant now. Only Jor-El's journal entries on his time on Earth in the 1940s gave her any real guidance on the difficulties she faced. Yet reading those entries couldn't prepare her for the wonder and magnificence of flying. Once she flew, she knew she would never be the same. Somehow, she knew a threshold had been crossed, and Karen prepared for it as best she could, with the help of her parents - Kryptonian and adopted alike.

All of that preparation came to a head in April of 2010. Karen's Science Olympiad team traveled to Metropolis to attend the National event, a week-long trip across the country. And as huge and exciting as all of that as - and visiting the new home of the Stock Exchange and of LexCorp was beyond words - it couldn't hold a candle to what else happened on that trip. A prototype scramjet-powered orbital-capable plane, developed by Hammer Industries in their ongoing strides to compete with the likes of Stark Enterprises and Ferris Aviation, fell from the sky and would have crashed into the city quite explosively. But when Karen spotted the problem - well in advance of anyone else, thanks to telescopic vision - she ducked out and changed into the costume, making a very spectacular debut as Power Woman, catching the plane in mid-air - flying for cameras to see - and then lowering it safely to the ground.

StarrWare, Inc., Metropolis or Bust
The debut of Power Woman brought a lot of attention, and Karen had to figure out how to deal with that. Eventually, she headed off the continuing efforts to track her down by the press, approaching the reporter she had saved that day aboard the plane: Trish Tilby of CBNC. She gave the reporter a one on one interview, explaining some of who she was and what she was doing. She made a point of explaining that her intent was to use her abilities, just like those seemingly mythical predecessors of the 1940s, to help those in need. Overnight, of course, Power Woman became a household name.

Karen herself still had to finish high school. But with her rather full schedule of activities - including her heroing - she still seemed to juggle it all. Surely, her speed and tremendous endurance helped a lot. And Karen did not slack off. She even managed to complete the requirements for graduation a year early. She also parlayed the continuing success and revenue of WorldWatching into seed money, and begged her father's help as they shopped around to pick up investors, eventually founding StarrWare. Richard became the CEO of the company, running the day to day operations as the adult and respected face to investors and banks. But he made no secret that the ideas of the company came from his brilliant daughter. Their deal, however, included the provision that Karen's salary would remain just $1, until she graduated college. Only then would she be allowed to take up a full time position in the company that her dreams and vision started.

Even as Karen was applying to Universities, she was also pushing the future of StarrWare, starting research and development in several areas including wearable personal computing, privatized space exploration and advanced sensor technologies. The company quickly became the little startup that could, and that raised Karen's profile right along, which certainly didn't hurt her bid for Metropolis University. She enrolled as both an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, playing to her obvious strengths, and making no secret of her desire to investigate the unique alien technologies left behind which could only operate in that single city. Indeed, some investors believe - and Karen certainly has not corrected them - that her advancements come from inspirations gleaned from studying that alien tech.

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