Power Woman

Karen Lee Starr is somewhat well known in tech circles and science academia, as a young wunderkind and genius who has been impressing in science education for over a decade, and as the developer of WarldWatching, one of the most popular social media apps and platforms across most all existing platforms. She has used the money and rep from WorldWatching as seed to start her own company, StarrWare, Inc., with her father - apparently a long-time programmer and white-hat hacker for hire - as CEO. Why? Because Karen is only 20 years old, a junior at Metropolis University. And StarrWare has quickly risen to prominence developing wearable tech and accessories, including their StarrGaze smart glasses (a much-improved derivation of the RL Google Glass idea) and StarrTel smart watches.

Power Woman is an extremely well-known premiere heroine of the new Age of Heroes. She debuted early in 2010 with a splashy save of a crashing experimental airliner in Metropolis, and has stayed in the public eye ever since, with saves across the country and around the world. She has given interviews, and supposedly established a close working relationship with Trish Tilby of CBNC. Interviews with Tilby have revealed that Power Woman is an alien, apparently from the same world as Superman from World War II. She has admitted that she was raised on Earth, and stated she only wishes to help. Abilities she has demonstrated include self-propelled flight, tremendous super-strength and invulnerability, and super-speed.

//NB: The callsign is Power Woman, not Power Girl. But yes, that's the character I have adapted for Age of Heroes.

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