Power Boy
Power Boy
Dylan Minnette
Name: Unknown, goes by Zarl Vorne
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Apokolips
Age: 3,000 (looks 15)
Aliases: Boy, Power Boy
Origin: Alien (Apokoliptian/New God)
Present Location: Metropolis
Occupation: Student/Hero
Team: N/A
Alignment: Mostly Good-ish
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: New God Powers & Empathy
Portrayed by: Dylan Minnette

Born a god… just a boy.
Power Boy may have been born a god, but on Apokolips he was just another one of the low-born, which meant that his childhood was filled with suffering and damnation. Power Boy was destined to be just another nameless face until Darkseid's minions brought him to the attention of the Monarch. At the young age over just over 600 years old, Power Boy was taken into Darkseid's clutch. There he would spend the next several centuries training in the arts of combat and the art of war. This wasn't everything that he went through. Darkseid decided to try and use him as a base template to create a perfect warrior, so he tinkered with his genetic material. Unbeknownst to Power Boy these alterations had other effects on him that he wouldn't immediately be aware of. The manipulations gave him new abilities that weren't common to the people of Apokolips, or even New Genesis. The biggest augment was Power Boy's empathy, this was key to Darkseid's plan for the boy. It was during one of the many assaults by New Genesis that Power Boy snapped out of his blind obedience to Darkseid. This was the first time the thoughts of escape would enter his mind. And trying his best, Power Boy tried to escape, only to be caught and brought back to Darkseid to be punished.

Freedom's Price…
It was shortly before Power Boy would turn 2,931 human years old, that he finally made one last dash for freedom. He knew if Darkseid caught him he would be beaten to near death, and left for dead. This urge pushed him forward. He lept into the air and struck out over the surface of Apokolips. The Parademon armies gave chase as they always did, and this time, much to his surprise, he was gaining distance. It was then that Power Boy realised what was going on. The Parademons struck a little village. Instantly he knew what Darkseid had ordered. His parents were murdered. The parademons shortly turned to Power Boy, giving him good chase. Taking his father box, he opened a hush-tube to anywhere.. After a bit of a rough up, really bad one, Power Boy flew through the tube and dropped out into a small field.

A whole new world… and then not…
He was very surprised that his arrival on Earth had gone unnoticed. It was 1943 and Earth was caught up in its own battles. Stealing some Earther clothing from a line the yard of a home in the middle of the corn fields. Power Boy started walking. During the walk he inquired about what was known about Earth by his father box. It was only a few weeks before the Spectre levied his judgement on the world of Earth. The Father Box felt the change and influence being pushed on the world by the Spectre. In an attempt to save Power Boy's life, it opened up a hush-tube, and pulled Power Boy into it. The Tube was not really a travelling tube, instead it placed Power Boy in a sort of stasis within the Father Box itself. It was then that the power of the Father Box was diminished. In an attempt to save Power Boy the box turned off all non-required functions and went inert, diverting all remaining power to keeping Power Boy alive. After the fall of the Spectre's judgement, the Father Box powered backup and reopened the Hush-tube ejecting Power Boy into the world. The Father Box and he decided that Metropolis would be the safest place to try and blend in, big cities are easier to get lost in. During his walk there, to not draw attention, the Father Box went about creating his Persona of Simon Rexal. He was determined to just stay low key. He didn't want to stand out. All that changed soon enough.

The Becoming…
As a scram-jet was coming down right on Metropolis, she appeared. The birth of an angel in his mind. She was not much older looking than he was. She single-handedly caught the plane and set it down. He would later find out her name was Power Woman. The terminology made him think twice, she wasn't much older than a teenager, but she called herself woman. She was something of an awe moment for him. There was something about the situation that made him feel as though he was being selfish. Something about the girl made him feel less than a god, for the first time in his life he felt… less than. For the next two years Simon followed every exploit of Power Woman. He had to know why she made him feel less than. Human school was easy for him. He tried his best to blend in, but occasionally he would stand out to much, then he would need to change schools. This was especially true when Simon accidentally punched a concrete wall taking down an entire wing of one of the public schools in San Francisco. He had to get away.

Metropolis or Bust….
During his studying of Power Woman, he had discovered that back in the 40s there was a young man who claimed the name Power Boy. He never told anyone of his Origins, but he had taken the name Power Boy and was a small time crime fighter in middle America. The name Power Boy was always intriguing to him as Power Woman was something of his fascination. Not wanting to really be a hero, no one knew the man's name at his time of Death, saving a bus of children from a super villain, he was completely destroyed. Power Boy decided he needed a new name, looking down the names of human boys he found none that he liked. Picking the names Carl and Zed, he decided that he would combine them and create a name Zarl, his last name… Well he just picked a word which seemed to fit the first name, Vorne. With those two pieces of information the Father Box went to work crafting him in the human computers. Arriving in Metropolis, the city never lost its luster to Zarl. He felt as though this was the place to be…

So much for the quiet life…
It was now 2013. Zarl was attending Metropolis High, he was a freshman. He lived in a modest apartment, by himself, not that anyone really paid attention. The rent was paid, as were all the bills, on time, thanks to the Father Box. In secret he carefully crafted a more male version of Power Woman's outfit. She was his inspiration and one day he would work the courage up to actually don the outfit and take the name he had decided on. As the new year rang in, Zarl continued with school and eventually summer break came. Zarl is still trying to stay out of the limelight, however, everytime he sees mention of the heroes of Earth fighting off forces beyond their gleaning, that urge hits him. He keeps the costume stored in the Father Box, which is always with him. Should he ever decide to don the costume he knows what he has to do.

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