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This will be a holding area to organize plots, those in the works and those that finish.


Plots Past/Present:

Freaky October
Freaky October Overview: An accident with a magical artifact releases energies that start...

Historic Plot
Historic Plots Overview: This is a series of related historic plots from the 20s, 30s and 40s...

League of Villains
League of Villains Overview: Villains unite near NYC to pursue their own criminal interests,...

Soul Harvest
Soul Harvest Overview: Pluto (aka Hades), God of Death, tries to return from Banishment Dates:...

The Menace of Mongo
The Menace of Mongo Overview: Earth has become the target for Ming the Merciless' latest...

Project: Rebirth
Project: Rebirth Overview: The US Government, in an effort to combat possible alien invasions,...

Despero vs Guardians
Desperate Measures Overview: An old Villian from Vance's future shows up, trying to alter the...

Lady Martuk
Guardians Unite Overview: Earthbound Guardians learn their friends are in trouble, space...

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