Soul Harvest
Soul Harvest
Overview: Pluto (aka Hades), God of Death, tries to return from Banishment
Dates: September, into October
Runner/GM/Contact: Black Lightning.


Centuries ago, Pluto was banished and disallowed the collection of souls from Earth, he is plotting to return - to at least collect souls. His sights are set on New York City and the ~19 millions souls living there, or the ~100 that die on any given day in the large metropolitan area.

What Has Happened

Pluto is working in conjunction with a secret organization known as the Secret Empire. Their relationship is not mutual exclusive but rather aligned goals has made the Empire a good entity in the realm of mortals for Pluto to enact his plots through as he trains to regain a foothold in the realm of Mortals, starting with New York.

Defeated by Captain Atom, Black Lightning and Nitro when fist using Griffin as his Herald, the outsiders had hoped this was done. However, Doctor Mid-Nite and Black Lighting found some cultists (Secret Empire) trying to open a portal in a graveyard, luckily Topaz showed up to help stop them.

Currently, they have taking technology from the first encounter and traced it to a factory, where Topaz and Black Lightning have gone to see what is done there. This technology is combined with specific magics and the two are combined to greater effect, one instance was opening the first portal when they fought Griffin. The other was enhancing the cultists magic to break the ward and seals on the portal in the graveyard.

With a potential lead in some members of the Secret Empire, the trail is starting to dry up on Pluto and his earthly followers until a section of building goes missing in the Financial district. Fate seems to interdict, proprietary access to a mystical shop known as Violet Moon falls haphazardly into the hands of Topaz, being a major convergence point of ley lines in the Manhattan area, she can strength wards and be more aware of mystical transpiring in the region.


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(2014-12-02) Fire Harvest
Log Title Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning deal with a suspicious fire Date: (2014-12-02) ...

(2014-11-13) Demon Be Gone!
Demon Be Gone Summary: Finding a way to earth, a demon is banished by Topaz with the help of...

(2014-10-27) New Moon
New Moon Summary: Simon completes the transfer of Violet Moon to Topaz Date: (2014-10-27) ...

(2014-10-21) Where Do Buildings Go
Where Do Buildings Go When No One is Watching Them? Summary: Black Lightning and Topaz hear...

(2014-09-30) No One Mentioned Physicals
No One Mentioned Physicals Summary: Black Lightning and Doctor Mid-Nite go over the technology...

(2014-09-29) Technology is Toast
Technology is Toast Summary: Topaz and Black Lightning track down info on the satellite from...

(2014-09-15) One Upon a Midnite
Once Upon a Midnite Summary: Topaz, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Black Lightning converge on a secret...

(2014-09-08) Opening Doors
Opening Doors Summary: Black Lightning follows leads on the case of Pluto, meets up with Topaz ...

(2014-09-05) The Outsiders
The Champs of NYC Summary: Doc Mid-Nite and Captain Atom round up Villains, Gorilla Grodd,...

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