League of Villains
League of Villains
Overview: Villains unite near NYC to pursue their own criminal interests, tired of being defeated by the Outsiders and other metahumans and super heroes.
Dates: Ongoing
Runner/GM/Contact: Black Lightning.


Gorilla Grodd organizes a prison break and suggest villains work in a team like context similar to the way some heroes are starting to do.

Associated Villains

These Villain are known or presumed to be associated with Gorilla Grodd and his villains team (to add an NPC to this list, go to their NPC page and add the 'lov' tag):

Evil Star

Evil Star needs an image linked

Name: Evil Star
Last Seen: Escaped prison with Gorilla Grodd
Position: Immortal Space Villain
Powerset: Creator of the Starband - draws star energy, energy blasts, constructs, immortality
Comments: Seen escaping prison with Gorilla Grodd

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(2014-10-10) A New Angle
A New Angle Summary: Nitro and Black Lightning follow a lead on the escaped meta...

(2014-09-30) No One Mentioned Physicals
No One Mentioned Physicals Summary: Black Lightning and Doctor Mid-Nite go over the technology...

(2014-09-27) Catching Up
Catching Up Summary: Nitro and Black Lightning catch up a little while at Outsiders base, Wanda...

(2014-09-25) Day at the Museum
Day at the Museum Summary: Topaz, Black Lightning and Captain Atom foil Cheshire and Dwarfstar...

(2014-09-19) League of United Villains
League of United Villains Summary: Gorilla Grodd, Evil Star, Evo, and other criminals escape...

(2014-09-12) Day of Disasters
Day of Disasters Summary: A few minor disasters hit New York City all at the same time, the...

(2014-09-05) The Outsiders
The Champs of NYC Summary: Doc Mid-Nite and Captain Atom round up Villains, Gorilla Grodd,...

(2014-09-04) Dark Radiation
Dark Radiation Summary: The Shade and Neutron go on a robbing spree as some bet between them,...

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