Lady Martuk
Guardians Unite
Overview: Earthbound Guardians learn their friends are in trouble, space adventures ensue
Dates: Started in July 2014
Runner/GM/Contact: Vance (primary) Jack (co)


Lady Martuk of the Skrull Armada has initiated a plot against the Guardians of the Galaxy. Her intentions, as of yet, remain veiled to the Guardians. During the Summer of 2014, she had the active galactic members imprisoned. Turning the tides on the bounty hunters that went to earth to get team members, the Guardians discovered Lady Martuk as the present culprit of this plot line


Adventures in July of 2014 involved the bounty hunters coming for Vance and Jack.

After Vance and Jack return to earth, bounty hunters pursue them. They play sheep, allowing themselves to be captured in order to find out why they came to get the duo. The discover Lady Martuk is after the Guardians and that the rest of the team is imprisoned at the slave mines of R'nanor.


Needing directions to the mines of R'nanor, Jack and Vance track down Jimmy the Slugg; a resident alien on Earth. In battling a giant stag beetle to remove the parasitic Jimmy form its thorax, Stargirl joins with them (saves them) and the trio heads into space.

Favoring a plan of get captured and break out, the other six members that were imprisoned are freed. The galactic bound six part ways with the 3 earth bound members as they try to find leads on why Lady Martuk would have imprisoned them.

A new bounty hunter shows up for the Guardians on Earth as they're searching for Jack (See Despero Plot). This one is a robot named Death's Head. It proves far more capable than the original three alien beings sent to capture the team. Easily defeating Vance and Stargirl, they make an escape from his ship into the dead of space.

Answers are finally sought by the Guardians, a potential galactic invasion is revealed to them. The source, Lobo, he plans to visit earth it seems.

A run in with Skrull bounty hunters at a club in New York reveals Lady Martuk has stepped up her plans to get the guardians - not just working with selected hunters but putting up the equivalent of wanted posters around the local galaxies cluster as well as a few neighboring sectors in this section of the universe.

Preparing to visit Astrid, Lobo's source, the Guardians catch her trying to flee the intergalactic space station in a neighboring sector (as defined by Guardians of Oa). Vance and Jack pilot ship to stop the main vessel while Stargirl launches into space, showing off again (for all the right reason), and defeating/turning aside two escort vessels. They learn Lady Martuk is after a quantum item/artifact that may be on earth, this would help her get around other galaxies quickly. She wants the guardians off earth, hence all the space trouble. They return to earth to try and search for the item.

A few skrull are encountered on earth while digging in ruins in Mexico/Central America, Stargirl and Jack defeat them but nothing is revealed yet. As Ming approaches, the Skrull front is quiet for a time. Then, while getting new parts for their ship, the Guardians chance upon two skrulls in the form of Jack and Vance. They are pursued, defeated and questioned.


Bounty hunters continue to show up after them. They are not sure what Lady Martuk is after but have discovered a secondary plot involving Skrulls taking the likeness of members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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