Historic Plot
Historic Plots
Overview: This is a series of related historic plots from the 20s, 30s and 40s relating to the mystical realms. Note, tags require 'historic 20 30 or 40'
Dates: Ongoing, but all from the aforementioned decades
Runner/GM/Contact: Hellstorm.


Dates of Importance

Either upcoming dates for scenes, or post-dates for scenes that have happened



(2014-09-26) The Cultists Did It, act 2
The Cultists Did it, act 2 Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date (11-5-1924) Related:...

(2014-09-12) The Cultists Did It, act 1
The Cultists Did It Summary: Hellstrom and Mystique are given information by Marcia Reynolds...

(2014-08-22) Speakeasies, Tommy Guns, Bourbon, and Fish-Men
Speakeasies, Tommy Guns, Bourbon and Fish-Men Summary: Hellstrom and Mystique meet for the first...

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