Pc Icons

This is a storage utility for Icons to be used on this wiki; these are used for character thumb templates and RP logs to keep the imagery clean on our site.

Creating an Icon

You should make an icon for your character, if you would like staff help, let Fulcrum know in-game.

Size should be limited to 144 pixels x 144 pixels. You may set this up in your photoshop/image editor or just save one of the ones below as a base to work from.

Nameplate - should be the same as your wiki page name. Background should be same red (html #BE1800), font can be any style, just readable and the color should be (#EFEFFB).

You must save the icon file on this page and it must be named WikiPageName_icon.jpg (all case sensitive) to work with the wiki properly.

Staff may review and edit these for consistency, legibility, etc. etc.

Using Icons

Naming convention of icons are purposefully linked to the character page created to match an icon for ease of use.

A quick template to get a thumb with name and snippet for any page is the castbox:

[[include Castbox
|mushname=The name used on the Icon and character page
|codename=Any sub header, this will display under the name and link to the character page
|position=any caption that comes to mind

Remember, the icons are all housed on the pc-icons page, specifying the sources is important in wikidot, unlike other wikis. To use a quick icon in your own formatting:


Also, for your enjoyment and if you do not wish to wikifu a relationship list for your character, here is some site code you may utilize that draws on the icons:

[[include RelationshipsTop]]
[[include RelationshipBox
| name=Their MUSH @name
| codename=The name that will display in the box | relationship=Describe relationship. ]] [[include RelationshipsBottom]] @@

Include a relationshipbox for each relationship, so long as name=mushname (no spaces, use - for a space). They must have created their own icon for this to work. This is free to use as you like, just be aware that created a list of every character you met once will get spammy. If it starts to grow, I would recommend using tabs/tabview to separate the relationships by family/friends/enemies/etc.


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