The Outsiders
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Location: Focusing on NYC, they are headquartered in Brooklyn
Purpose: The Oustsider are a group of metahumans and crime fighters that have taken charge of protecting NYC on their own accord. While they do their best to work within the confines of the law, their priority is saving lives and protecting the people of NYC. The name originates from the fact that all members of the team were original from outside of NYC at the time of inception
Active Players:

The Outsiders form as a group of metas wilfully taking charge to protect New York City against threats of a higher nature, much as the Justice League has taken charge of protecting the Earth.

While they are working their best to stay within the confines of the law, their primary concern is the protection of the many inhabitants of New York City and the world at large. While they're not aiming to put down criminals (flatline), they're applying the necessary force it takes to stop any such individual posing a threat to the greater good of the community, or those people trying to make an honest living.

Formed following a long day of several threats around the city, it was decided that they should form as a team to protect the city. Each member, thus far and like many denizens of New York, come from beyond the city itself. Most were simply responding to crisis that had arisen there and felt the need to organize to maintain the protection they were providing already. Being outsiders, it became a natural fit for a name for this group of individuals.

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