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Motorcyclist on Fire?
Overview: Video of man on fire on motorcycle making the rounds
OOC Contact: Ghost Rider

(This video is linked into a few creepypasta threads, mostly with responses of 'cool story bro!' and 'nice effects')

The video shows several teenagers in a field not far from a road, chitchatting in the early evening. There's a caption which states the location, not far outside NYC. As the teenagers talk, one frowns, standing up and shading his eyes. "Hey, hey, what is that? Check that out."

The camera pans around towards the road, where an odd light can be seen, Faintly the sound of an engine can also be heard, growing louder. "That's some weird s**t there," comes from off camera, then one of the girls gasps. "Oh my GOD!" as the cycle comes into view. The visual is shaky, and the motorcycle is -booking- it — but even with the camera resolution it's clear that the motorcycle, and the rider, are -on fire-. Flame streams from the rider's head — a head that looks horribly barren of features — and the wheels leave a trail of flame that gutters out only after several moments. In a flash, the fiery form is gone, the roar of the engine fading away.

"Dude. What the ?! WHAT THE ?!" and flavors of such are audible. "Was that guy on fire? " "I think he was. I got a shot of his head and…" "What?" "It's a skull, man! It's the freakin' Headless Horseman, except he's got his head back!" At that point, the video cuts out.
Ghost Tube

Stryker Video
Overview: Stryker Video about Justice League trending
OOC Contact: Winsome

A video is making the rounds in social media of Reverend William Stryker of the National Church of God's Purity.

"Now, let us have a discussion about this new "superhero team". This so-called Justice League. The Word of the LORD has told us the truth! That miracles only come from two sources. They are either the divine will of God Almighty or they are tricks by… the Other guy. Who are the members of this team? Aliens! Pagans! Drunken deviants! Has even one of them claimed the divine providence of the Lord? No! Their powers come from SCIENCE and FALSE GODS.

"The Bible tells us that miracles are the divine will of our Heavenly Father or they are the false providence of Satan. This Justice League's powers do not come from God. They have said so themselves. That leaves only one other option. Make no mistake. They are the Anti-Christ come to use in the form not of a single man but an entire team of Evil. Shun them, my children. Shun them for what they are. MInions of the DEVIL."
Stryker Tube

Spidey on Youtube!
Overview: Trending video of Spider-man
OOC Contact: Spider-Man

(Buried in /reddit/justiceporn is a link that points to a youtube vid. The vid is currently trending upwards.)

The video shows a blue and red blur high above as there are screams and things falling from the skies. The camera gets shaky as the person holding it runs. Several I-Beams fall in front of a skyscraper their descent being halted by several weblines as there's a repeated /thwip!/ sound. The camera jounces and then a shot of Spidey standing next to a trapped construction worker as he frantically tries to spin a webshield over the both of them… only for the last I-beam to be shown floating away with Marvel Girl smiling in the background.

The video cuts out then cuts in and it shows an angry crowd menacing Spider-Man, a few things are thrown, there are shouts and a woman in a large double beer-holder with a straw baseball cap rails at him. "He's a thief, I saw him steal food from immigrants!"

Spidey responds, "Wha? He gave me that falafel after I caught those.." And then he pauses and stands up. "Look, I don't have to explain myself to you people. I'm just tryin' to do what I can." There's a pause then he adds, "I mean if I really wanted to be mean I woulda said something about that hat."

The next instant there's a thwip and he swings away.
Spidey Tube

Magneto Addresses World
Overview: Public Address by Magneto - head of new Genoshan government
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/20/2014 - Maxwell Eisenhardt, also known as Magneto, addressed the world today in an hour long presentation that was broadcast via Genoshan state television and streamed live on the internet. Excerpts from the speech are below:

"Ladies and gentlemen of the planet Earth, my name is Maxwell Eisenhardt and I am announcing that Genosha has a new government - a transitional one - of which I am the head.
"When I was a boy I exhibited my metahuman abilities. The Nazis found me. HYDRA found me. They put me in a camp with others and they experimented on me. They tortured me. It was the Americans that freed me, led by Captain America. I learned, that day, that the belief in liberty required action. I learned from Captain America that evil must be battled actively and wish passion or else evil will win. So, when I learned that metahumans were being enslaved in Genosha I took action. The governments of the world would not act so I did.
"Please be aware I took every effort to make this a peaceful coup. As Power Woman will attest my forces went out of their way to avoid bloodshed and the destruction of infrastructure. We moved swiftly and decisively and now a murderous, torturing regime engaging in crimes against humanity has been deposed.
"And so, my first act as head of the Genoshan transitional government is to reassure the world that this will be a land of peace and democracy. We intend to hold elections in one year's time and we invite the United Nations to oversee them to ensure they are free and fair. We invite the International Red Cross to come here immediately to tend to our prisoners. Once the Red Cross has ensured that the prisoners are safe and healthy we intend to turn them over to the International Criminal Court for prosecution and will cooperate fully with the Court's investigations.
"Furthermore, no current Genoshan citizen who is not imprisoned for crimes against humanity will be forced to take part in our new government. Transport will be provided to them to any country they desire. Any Genoshan who wishes to remain and help build a country in which all people are equal is welcomed with open arms. Any metahuman who fears prosecution in their own country will be welcomed as well. We will not tolerate criminals fleeing their homelands but we will offer asylum and potentially citizenship to any metahuman who believes they are in danger in their homeland. There are those metahuman heroes out there who may worry this will become a nation of unbalanced power. I invite any such hero to come speak to me personally and to potentially join us as a citizen of Genosha and a member of the government.
"Make no mistake. We will be a peaceful nation but we will not be a weak one. We will not tolerate any attempt to restore the old regime. We will defend ourselves from outside aggression as is the right of any nation.
"Within the next few weeks the new Genosha will be sending represenatives to the Pan-African Union and the United Nations."

Eisenhardt went on to outline a plan for the restoration of Genoshan services and government functions. He invited the Secretary-General of the United Nations to visit Genosha to discuss any concerns the world community might have and invited SHIELD to establish a branch office in the Genoshan capital.
Magneto Address

Genoshan Government Overthrown
Overview: Following metahuman slavery and loss of contact with the island, comms resumed, Genosha Overthrown
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/20/2014 - Communications have resumed with the Genosha. The island nation had been previously "off the grid" after reports surfaced that the Genoshan government propogated an institution of metahuman slavery. During the blackout Genoshan ports were iced over and aircraft attempting to enter Genoshan airspace were mysteriously turned around.

It is now clear that the blackout was the result of an invasion of the island by outside, mostly metahuman forces that deposed the Genoshan government. Footage of the invasion, already being dubbed 'the Metahuman War' by some has been obtained by famed investigative journalist Trish Tilby. The footage seems to show a form of battle in which conventional weapons are next to useless in the face of metahuman powers. One clip, released online, shows the rifles of a platoon of Genoshan soldiers simply falling apart in their hands.

The forces of the coup, led by a man who has been identified as Maxwell Eisenhardt, a naturalized citizen of the United States, have seemingly captured the Genoshan capital and taken the president and his cabinet prisoner. Mr. Eisdenhardt has released a statement indicating he will address the world regarding the actions of his invasion force later today.
Genoshan Overthrow

Defenders for Hire Inc.
Overview: Adds for group offering to help, specializing in unusual problems
OOC Contact: Sally, Kate or Hummingbird

Appearing on Social Media sites, Craiglist, and other similar sits:

Defenders for Hire, here to help you no matter the issue. Offering protection, PI services, along with general aid for those in need. Specializing in the unusual problem.

All inquiries kept confidential.

Genosha in Communications Blackout
Overview: All communications with Genosha have ceased
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/9/2014 - Communications with the island nation of Genosha have ceased. The nuclear power, recently revealed by a Time Magazine expose as a nation with an organized system of metahuman slavery, was seemingly cut-off from the world at midnight 5.8.2014, local time. All forms of communication have been cut off including land lines, cellular signals, radio waves, and internet. Genosha's multiple ports have been frozen over, an unlikely occurance given Genosha's location off the coast of Africa. Sources inside one African government states that a recon aircraft sent into Genoshan airspace has vanished. The United States government and the United Nations have no comment at this time though the Genoshan ambassador to Russia, currently the highest ranking Genoshan official outside the island nation, has declared that his nation is under attack and demands the governments of the world do something to free her people.
Blackout Comm

4UTV Announces New Award Category
Overview: Favorite super hero award announced for children's channel awards show
OOC Contact: Winsome

5/8/2014 - 4UTV, the dominant entertainment network for viewers ages 1-17 in the Unites States has announced a new category as part of their annual 4UAwards presentation. In addition to being able to vote on favorite television series, favorite movie, favorite entertainers and more, views of 4UTV will now be able to vote for their favorite superhero. Viewers will be able to vote for one of the following heroes:

Power Woman
Iron Man
Captain America
Wonder Woman

The 4UAwards are the award program that gives a voice to those considered not old or "mature" enough to vote in real elections. The 4UAwards allows viewers under the age of 18 to tell the world who they think the most important people, events and phenomenon in the last year are. Voting is open now online or via the 4UATV app. You must be under the age of 18 to vote. Don't go online without permission from a parent or guardian. 4UTV is a wholy owned subsidary of LexCorp.

Op-Ed Page
Overview: Opinion about church and rise of female super heroes
OOC Contact: Winsome

(From the op-ed page of a midwestern newspaper)

As I sat in church today I was saddened. There were fewer people in the pews receiving the word of God than at any other time in my memory. I am 93 years old.

Upon arriving home from church I, as has been my custom for many decades, ate lunch and read the paper. Today the headlines of my newspaper are dominated by the deeds of these so-called superheroes and I have come to realize they are the heart of our problem.

This Wonder Woman from a nation without men that worships ancient, pagan gods. This Power Woman, wearing tight clothing and flaunting her powers without giving thanks to God for them. This Iron Man, living an open life of sin as he drinks and adulterates. Even Captain America, the hero of my youth, seems touched by the corruption which permeates these modern, Godless heroes.

They have replaced Jesus in the hearts of our young people. Why do children need God when they can worship at the alter of these false idols? My granddaughter tells me she has seen a Church of Superman on the internet. Young people flirting with Satanism in the guise of worshipping these alien beings.

I do not expect I have many years left in this world but I worry. I worry that the world I leave has turned her eyes from God. And I weep.

Gozilla Movie Delayed
Overview: After Brooklyn Bridge attack by giant lizard, film studio delays premiere of Godzilla film indefinitely
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/23/2014 - Producers of the upcoming reimagining of Godzilla, originally scheduled to premiere next month will be delayed indefinately. The studio cited the recent attack on New York City by a large, reptillian monster than closely resembles the famous movie creature as the reason.

"Out of respect for the victims of the attack and the people of New York, we are postponing the movie release indefinately." A studio press release said.
Movie Delay

Televangelist Proclaims Doomsday
Overview: Reverend William Stryker proclaims doomsday
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/19/2014 - Famous televangelist Reverend William Stryker, head of the National Church of God's Purity, proclaimed that recent disasters in North Korea, the Pacific Ocean, Howland Island, Iran and an Israeli Oil Platform were proof of God's wrath returning to Earth to punish the wicked.

"In the 40s we proved our righteousness by battling the Satan's evil in the form of godless Nazi Germany, Catholic fascist Italy and heaten Imperial Japan. As reward for our valor the good Lord removed the obscene and impure from our midst. These so-called superhumans, corrupted in their very genes by Satan's power. Now, though, our wickedness has allowed them to return. We have strayed from the principles of the Bible - allowing women to act as men and men to lie with men. Broadcasting filth through the airwaves. Denying good men the right to protect their own homes. Denying the Biblical roots of our nation. And because of this, Satan has found his way back into the world and corrupted our children with deformed DNA making them into freaks. Satan has brought demons to this Earth in the form of "alien saviors" who tempt children with their large bossoms and disgustingly sexual costumes. Satan has made witchcraft and the occult "cool". And, my friends, we are going to be punished for it. The Great Devourer of Worlds is on his way to our shores and he will signal the beginning of the end of days. You have been warned. Pray to God for your salvation."

Styker delivered this call to arms to the faithful during his the first episode of his new, daily television program, the Friends of Humanity Club.

Israeli Oil Platform Destroyed
Overview: Oil rig off coast of Africa destroyed
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/18/2014 - An Israeli owned oil rig located in the deep waters of the Pacific, off the coast of Africa, has been destroyed. The cause of the destruction is unknown but one survivor described a "mighty beast" rising from the ocean and ripping the platform apart. An ultra-conservative Rabbi in Israel has gone on record as comparing this beast to the Leviathan mentioned in the Bible, suggesting that it is divine punishment for Israel's recent move to crackdown on ultra-conservative use of state welfare.
Isreal Destruction

Unexplained Destruction in Iran
Overview: Bandar-e Abbas, seaside community in Iran, devastated by unknown attack
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/15/2014 - Iranian officials have confirmed, today, that the seaside community of Bandar-e Abbas has been devestated by an unknown attack. Large portions of the resort community were torn apart and fires and firefighters and the Iranian military are still struggling to put out the fires. The exact cause of the devestation is unknown and an Iranian spokesperson has refused to comment except to say he suspected a terrorist attack backed by either Israel or the United States.
Iran Destruction

Howland Island Gone
Overview: Australian charter pilot discovers Howland Island no longer there
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/14/2014 - An Australian charter plane pilot was startled today when he took clients to "Howland Island", the supposed final resting place of famed female pilot Amelia Earthart.

"We was flying over the island like I've done a million times. Showing off the island to the tourists. But, it wasn't there! At first I thought we was just lost but I double checked and we were in the right place. But the island was gone!"

Since Howland Island is part of the Howland Island National Wildlife Refuge, protected by the United States, a nearby US Navy cruiser was dispatched to the scene.

"We can confirm that Howland Island only seems to be gone." A spokesperson for the Navy said, "However, what happened was some sort of event struck the island and, for lack of a better word, broke it. As a result, the island is now mostly submerged."

The official refused to speculate what might have "broken" the island though some experts as suggesting it might have been a meteor or comet strike. Others have wondered if this event has something to do with the attack on a North Korean uranium refining facility and the disapearance of a Russian nuclear submarine.
Island Gone

Contact Lost With Nuke Sub
Overview: Russian Authorities no comment after contact lost with russian Sub
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/14/2014 - While Russian authorities refuse to comment, sources inside the Kremlin military establishment have revealed that contact has been lost with a nuclear submarine, the Borei-class Vladimir Monomakh. The Vladimir Monomakh was on training exercises in the Pacific somewhere off the northern coast of Japan. An amateur radio enthusiast in Japan has reported intercepting a signal from the submarine indicating that it was under attack by a "biological" threat.
Nuke Sub

North Korea Denies Attack
Overview: Reports of attack on weapons grade uranium enriching facility - North Korea Denies
OOC Contact: Winsome

4/13/2014 - North Korean officials denied that their facility for enriching weapons grade uranium was attacked today. However, reports from observers outside North Korea suggest there was a short but intense military battle between North Korean forces and an unknown aggressor. Satellite images of North Korea indicate a trail of destruction leading from the ocean to the uranium enrichment facility. Japanese, South Korean, and American officials have refused to speculate on the incident though some experts have openly stated that they believe this was a metahuman attack.
Attacks on North Korea

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