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Mysterious Mysteries
Overview: Various robberies of artifacts
OOC Contact: Hellstorm.


Over the past few weeks, museums and dens of antiquity have reported minor losses of various artifacts, relics, or items of uniqueness. Most (7) of these thefts have occurred within Europe, 2 in Russia, and 4 in China.
To the magical crowd, the items have little to no significance. Most of the items are just named items from history which didn't play a major part in anything substantial. If anything, they could be an article of jewelry, a coin, a bracelet, perhaps the haft of a sword, or nothing more than a naval sextant.
However; these items may be of no consequence to the general community, those in the know, those with the keen eye and awareness that there are more things afoot than suspected. Those people may know that Allura (or someone of greater power) is up to something. Most likely Allura, since the thefts started when she came back into being.
Then the report came that an item disappeared from the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. The item was a simple Quill Pen from the 1800s that was reported owned by Frederick Douglass.
Mystery Thefts

Army of Golden Speedsters
Overview: More videos of golden armored aliens
OOC Contact: Power Woman.

Several videos appear from different accounts on different sites, all purporting to show the defeat of a group of the mysterious armored alien menaces that have been continuing to crop up around the world and endanger people. This time, a group of eight of these folks (shocktroopers of Mongo) are shown being summarily defeated in spectacular fashion, as a swarming army of dozens of identical golden-clad speedsters beset upon them, tearing away bits of armor, distracting them, tripping them, and finally shorting out their armor quite explosively. Just as quickly - and blurringly - as the swarm of speedsters appeared, they then proceed to zoom off in a multitude of directions and disappear. The attack in question is purported to have happened in Constantinople.
Gold Speedsters

Violet Moon
Overview: Violet Moon, mystical store, sold to new owner
OOC Contact: Topaz.

An article ran in various wiccan and other media both printed and digital over the past week regarding the recent sell and purchase of Violet Moon, a store in the East Village that sold magical paraphernalia, herbs, oils, books and other things associated with the mystical arts. Exactly who bought it is a mystery. The eldery owner Simon, a practitioner of the magical arts himself, was quite pleased by the deal.
Violet Moon

Blue Imps on the Loose
Overview: Half baked reports of blue 'imps' crop up around the world
OOC Contact: Nightcrawler.


Starting around October 3rd, random sightings of 'blue imps' have gone viral on crypto zoological sites (those places that talk about big foot, loch ness monster, the jersey devil, and so on). Rumors of strange portals opening up and depositing these short (2-3 foot tall) blue furry imps. Like all unclassified crypto zoological critters, these come complete with their own allusive means of why they are hard to find or catch, stating they simply disappear in shadows. The sightings say they come in to cause a little mayhem, not unlike alleged poltergeists, with throwing things at people and breaking stuff, followed by them disappearing to never be seen again. Unlike other crypto zoological critters, these ones talk and can be vulgar and crude to the person they choose to ‘haunt’ or ‘prey’ upon. No official confirmation of the blue imp (most likely never will be), but it seems to be randomly global in its spread.

OOC: These are Bamfs, contact Nightcrawler if curious.

Under-Underground Fighting Arena
Overview: New underground fighting, this one has demons!
OOC Contact: Hellstrom

For those that are in the know and travel in these circles:

Introducing Mephisticuffs: An underground fight club arena and eatery located beneath Hell's Kitchen. An excellent place to spend an evening if you don't mind a bit of demon underneath your fingernails. It's a place to bring all your friends, sit back, and be entertained by supernatural fights between demons and hellspawn pitted against one another, pitted against humans, and even against metahumans. Where one can wager their life savings and even their immortal soul. Dine on exotic and unique fare from all over the multiverse and beyond. Come one, come all, see the spectacle's beyond imagination.

OOC Note: This location is accessed through the underbelly of Hell's Kitchen. It is located within a pocket dimension and does not have an actual presence within the real world - other than the doorway.
Underground Meta

Strange Growth at Innsmouth
Overview: Fungus growth rampant in Innsmouth, CDC dispatched to the region
OOC Contact: Hellstrom

AP: Innsmouth, Massachusetts.
The peace and quiet of the small town of Innsmouth was disrupted today when many of its residents became violently ill after being exposed to a unclassified fungus. The growth has taken over much of the southern tip of the town and officials state that the origin is the Innsmouth Cemetery just south of that location. The fungus is dark red on black with a yellow tip at the small buddings where the spores are ejected. The fungus is reported to expel the spores when touched or distured by loud noises. The CDC has dispatched a team to address and combat the issue at large.

Magical Disturbance
Overview: A disturbance in the ley lines from Istanbul
OOC Contact: Hellstrom


For those characters who may be in tune with the fields of magic/ley lines/etc or those that keep their ears to magical spheres/storie, this is for you:

Just outside Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey, 3:47am. An undiscovered crypt was exposed during a significant electrical storm that sparked out of nowhere and disappeared as quickly. Witnesses report that a woman wearing what could be described as Victorian garb was spotted standing in a copse of trees atop a hill. She was reported as reaching up to the heavens and considered praying when all around her lightning struck the ground. She disappeared into the hillside and emerged shortly after holding what was described as an archer's bow. The woman herself was listed as being in her mid 30s, standing just over 5.5 feet, dark hair with fair skin. The witnesses were unable to discern anything noteable about the woman other than the glow of her eyes being feint blue. They stayed well away from the situation for fear of their lives.
The crypt was noted as being that of a famed Constantinapole warrior named Kurikisoal who played a major role in the domination and expansion of the Constantinople/Ottoman empire.

What sages and those that understand magical history may discern is that the bow itself is a great artifact which can penetrate magical wards/shields without effort and kill the target which the arrow strikes upon impact. The bow will then convey the power of the target to that of the archer. Additionally, the woman identity in question is still yet unknown.
Force Disturbance

String of Videos
Overview: Showing golden armored figures fighting police, military, and metahuman heroes
OOC Contact: Ultimate


A series of videos have been posted from different accounts from all over the world, purporting to show metahuman threats, all containing one unifying element: golden armored figures with energy weapons, great strength and tremendous damage resistance, wading into battle with no apparent care for anything but wrecking more destruction. The videos include confrontations with police, military forces, and metahuman heroes.
Golden Troops

New Video from Aerial
Overview: A video posted by the hero Aerial to the internet, showing a fight involving a mongo shock trooper, and her alongside Domino and Jack Flag fighting the thing.
OOC Contact: Aerial


- Comments -
(RK) "The new layout sucks! Why would comments be at the top! Change it back!"
=A= "Maybe it works for people who start at the bottom and scroll up! Ha!"
(KC) "Why didn't you blast him with your laser eyes?"
=A= "I don't have laser eyes."
(KC) "So you just fly?"
=A= "Just propane and propane accessories."
(KC) "What?"
=A= "King of the Hill reference. Nevermind."
(JM) "What were you thinking throwing it at the ground! You could
have killed it!"
=A= "I was thinking that might have killed it. I don't dodge lasers well,
and it clearly wasn't human. I was panicky. Suggestion for next time?"
(BG) "Be careful judging what is and isn't human just by appearance."
=A= "Well, I didn't mean just looks. And no offense to aliens."
(JM) "Throw rubble at it or something! Use more gel!"
=A= "And how do I know how fast to throw? Or how big a shot?
It's the same risk either way."
(JM) "You should know though, if you're going to fight!"
(CX) "The technical details of your power seem fascinating."
=A= "Thanks? I had to learn more physics than I wanted to figure out
what was actually happening to me. See s01e04 for more sciency."
(RM) "I don't like you going out like this. You need help."
(RM) "You're sick. You need to take your treatments."
(RM) "I love you. Come back home. We can cure you."
(FY) "=A=, what is (RM) talking about? Are you okay?"
=A= "(RM) is stalking me. She posts like that on every video. Ignore her."
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- Title -
The Aerial View, s02e016: It Hates Astronomy
- Video Description -

Unidentified Gold Soldier Monster
(Video footage of Mongo Trooper from several angles, how it moves, how it reacts.)

Griffin Observatory, Equipment, Main Telescope
(Video of the fight with Aerial, Domino, and Jack Flag. Faces of heroes and civilians are blurred. Mongo Trooper breaks in, but attacks against civilians are incidental towards its advancing on the telescope proper.)

Identified powers:
Flight (Video footage of a rocket belt propelling him at full tilt. Measurements appear indicating max speed demonstrated, max acceleration demosntrated, an estimate of fuel capacity marked with an annotation "This value seems unreasonably small. Supertech?")
Energy Blast (Video footage of the trooper firing his blaster, measurements of how deeply it impacts concrete, metal. How long the beam fires for. How long it takes between shots.)
Teleportation(?) or Self-Destruction(!) (Video of subject disintegrating away while hurling towards impact with the ground.)

Presumed powers:
Durablity (He's big and wears armor.)
Strength (He's big and bulging with what would be muscles if standard anatomy applies.)

Suspected weaknesses:
Mirrors(?) (Blaster seems less effective on metals and reflective surfaces, affected by lenses. Measurement shows deflection where beam passes through display case. Not strictly a conventional laser, glass still breaks.)
Stupid (Did not engage in any speech, did not seem to understand plans discussed in its presence to thwart it.)
Aerial Footage

Wakandan Space Patrols?
Overview: Uh, read the title?
OOC Contact: Power Woman


Several conspiracy websites and blocks have published bits and pieces of stories, with snippets of video or grainy photographs, purported to represent spacecraft taking off and landing from the African nation of Wakanda in the last twenty-four hours.
Wakanda Space

Observatory Reports
Overview: Rumors of space vessels and people shielding earth from meteors
OOC Contact: Ultimate or Justice Leage

The websites and forums for several observatories around the world, and multiple amateur astronomy groups, have begun threads discussing 'a sudden uptick in near orbital misses' and 'stray or random in-system objects'. Translated down to more common vernacular, apparently they are reporting asteroids and asteroid clouds that have come close to Earth. Most interesting of all are reports that many of these were on track to hit Earth, but then made sudden course changes. None have explicitly mentioned how that could be possible, but a few of the amateur astronomy forums have posts positing that certain images - distorted and grainy - show evidence of space born vessels and even people present at the points when these 'course changes' take place. It should be noted that none of the nationally and internationally reputable observatories have backed any of these claims of deep-space asteroid interceptions. (Some conspiracy theorists have noted that all such 'reputable' groups receive funding from national sources, and theorize that they may be under gag orders from the authorities.)

A Pall Over NYC
Overview: Conspiracy - death suspended for an hour in NYC
OOC Contact: Black Lightning.

09-05-2014 Rumor mills around the internet suggest a conspiracy theory that death was staved for an hour in Manhattan on Friday, September 5th. No official confirmation that no one died or not in this hour, rumors suggested people wounded in a couple incidents that should have been dead on the scene that didn’t die until after the hour was up. Coupled with strange smartphone footage of several odd dark clouds over the city, conspiracy theorists alight with a governmental cover up of some new technology that grants immortality to odd mystical signs of end of the world theories. Nothing has been proven either way and it remains, a conspiracy theory. Though, anyone with enough resources (to research all deaths – in a city that has over 100 on any given day) can discover that an entire hour passed in Manhattan with no deaths and there were a few cases in which people should of died but did not.
Zero Deaths

PW Sexes Up Lover While Fighting Crime
Overview: Rumors of Power Woman making a call with a potential lover while fighting crime?
OOC Contact: Winsome

From Meta!, a gossip rag dedicated to metahuman celebrities.

And it seems everyone's favorite icon of Truth, Justice, and the American Way, Power Woman, isn't quite as lily white as her costume would have us believe! We have it on good authority that the Woman of Steel was engaged in a steamy phone conversation with an unknown lover while she was busting bank robbers in Metropolis! It seems Power Woman was arranging a booty call even as she was kicking some bad guy booty. Parents of the world be shocked!
Booty Call

Increase in Missing Teens
Overview: Increase in missing teens flyers - notable rise in missing metahuman teens
OOC Contact: Ultimate

The covers of local tabloids spout off headlines of a drastic increase in missing teens. Supermarket checkouts are littered with stories of the number of missing teens rising drastically in all heavily populated areas. Some even venture further to say that the increase is primarily in the occurrence of missing metahuman teens. The more respectable papers refuse to run with this story.
Missing Teens

Mantis Preys on Apple
Overview: Giant Bug Thwarted by Heroes
OOC Contact: Jack Flag.

In a voice like a croony from the 20s, megaphone and all. An internet unkown has pieced together clips from the 10-story tall preying mantis near attack on NYC, mingled with circus-era style grammophone music so it looks like an old news real and posted it, going viral for the moment.

"Mantis Preys on New York City. The bustling bub of our precious hubub, the Big Apple, almost had a bite taken out of her. Giant Preying Mantis emerges, right out of the harbor. Heros respond. Crazy guys leap from shore (footage of Jack Flag and Logan leaping from the shore out to meet the massive bug) but what's this, daring heroine flies in to save the jewel of New York. She seems to be dropping bombs (footage of some sort of concusion energy blasts from static film footage of the Bombshell flying). And whoa, look at that guy fly, (image of Mantis flinging Logan into a building a few blocks away, the only real damage to the city). He needs to work on his style if he's wants to be dancing with the stars. And talk about graffiti, what's with this guy, (Jack Flag steering laser beam eyes away from Bombshell as she blasts the massive thorax - cut to clip from above showing what looks like 'Go Americ-' scrawled on the ground, something must of interrupted the last a). That is our public education at work, chalk one up for Americ! All in a days work, and still time for a slice of apple pie!"

Straight Talk with GGG
Overview: GGG on the topic of Themyscirian and Genoshan Embassies
OOC Contact: Winsome

OOC - This is an excerpt from Straight Talk, hosted on the Daily Bugle Communications network.

"Hello, friends. Your old friend G. Gordon here." says the man wih the very impressive haircut and great smile.

"I've been wondering recently about embassies. Two in particular. The Themyscirian Embassy and the Genoshan Embassy."

Pictures of Wonder Woman and Wanda Maximoff appear behind G. Gordon.

"We don't allow the Iranians an embassy, do we? Or the North Koreans? Or the Bialyians? Then why, friends, has our government allowed an isolationist and exclusionary island like Themyscira to have an embassy? Men are apparently not allowed there. Tell me, if an island of white men appeared, proclaimed itself a nation, and said no black women were allowed wouldn't there be an uproar? Wouldn't we sanction them?"

G. Gordon smiles. "Of course we would. As for Genosha, I wonder why we are recognizing a metahuman junta that took over a country using terrorist actions. One that is offering citizenship to metahuman criminals! Of course, we reached out to BOTH embassies to come onto my show and comment but neither one had the guts to come face me in person."

The camera does a close up of G. Gordon. "I don't know about you all, but G. Gordon's going to get out his pen and paper and write a very serious letter to his congressman. I think it is time we let them know we here in America don't appreciate bigots or terrorists on our soil."
Straight Talk 2

Captain America Memorial Day Speech
Overview: Captain America goes public with memorial day speech
OOC Contact: Captain America

A televised appearance by Captain America Monday at the Memorial Day ceremonies held at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. After the President performed the traditional wreath laying, and gave his own speech, the Living Legend of World War II stepped up to the podium:

"Good afternoon, my fellow Americans. Today many people will enjoy a day off from work. They will gather with friends and families for a backyard cookout, or the start of the summer action movie season. In between those Nathan's with mustard, or those JuJuBes, I would ask that people take a moment to remember what the day is about. A moment to honor the people who served and sacrificed to preserve our liberty, our way of life. The people who made commitments to an ideal that gave them the courage to put the nation's collective safety and comfort ahead of their own."

"Remember, too, that these were ordinary, everyday people without powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men. They did not bend steel in their bare hands, or change the course of mighty rivers. They did not do whatever a spider can. Nothing happened if they talked to fish."

"But still, without flying, or controlling energy or the elements, and without even a utility belt - they fought for what they believed was right. They did it long before I came along, and they'll be doing it long after the most powerful superhero hangs up his mask and cape. In the words of Keith Richards and Michael Jagger:"

"Say a prayer for the common foot soldier
Spare a thought for his back breaking work
Say a prayer for his wife and his children
Who burn the fires and who still till the earth"

"So please, take a moment today to remember those who served, and those they left behind. Because all gave some, but some gave all."

"Thank you, and good afternoon."
Cap Speech

Blackhawk Flies Again
Overview: Lady Blackhawk, WW2 fighter pilot, returns to spotlight
OOC Contact: Zinda Blake

Since her arrival from the Bermuda Triangle several years ago, Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake, has kept out of the news, in a mostly private life, acting majority shareholder of Blackhawk Industries, and once fighter pilot aiding the Allies in World War 2, Lady Blackhawk has returned to the spotlight once more. Escorting an Angel Flight from Rammstein Air Base, Rammstein-Miesenbach, Germany to Andrews Air Force Base, MD. She was there to help receive the fallen soldiers, and spent a moment with the families receiving their loved ones. She declined to give a comment to press, and no calls were returned from Blackhawk Industries.

Word on the Street
Overview: Kingpin paying underworld individuals for info on new tech
OOC Contact: Winsome

Word is passing through the criminal underground in NYC.

Word is the Kingpin of Crime is willing to pay a premium for specifications on new technology that any member of the underworld happens to come across. New tech in development from Stark Enterprises, Kord Industries, LexCorp, Wayne Enterprises and OsCorp are especially valuable.
Street Word

Straight Talk
Overview: G. Gorden Godfrey talks about too much power - re: Justice League
OOC Contact: Winsome

OOC - The following is an excerpt from Straight Talk w/ G. Gordon Godfrey, a political/social commentary show produced and distributed by Daily Bugle Communications via the DBC Network.

G. Gordon Godfrey, a middle aged man with perfectly coifed strawberry hair and an expensive power suit appears in front of a display screen. He speaks with a British accent. Think Tim Curry.

"Hello everybody. Your old pal G. Gordon here. Today, let's talk about our new protectors, the Justice League." G. Gordon does finger quotes when he says the word 'protectors'.

"Yesterday they saved the residents of a little resort island from a nasty old tsunami. That's a good thing! G. Gordon believes in helping his fellow man, after all. Still… one must wonder."

An image pops up of the screen of Moon Maiden hovering in front of a three hundred foot wall of water, arms spread much like Jesus on the cross, as she apparently holds the wave back. "How much power is TOO much power? We've recently seen how metahumans can destabilize a region. By all accounts the new government of Genosha conquered that island with an army of less than fifty. Think about it, friends. Less than fifty metahumans were able to defeat the military forces of an entire nation. Doesn't that scare you? I know it scares good old G. Gordon."

"So, we have to ask ourselves. How much do we trust our new friends the Justice League? How much do we REALLY know about their members?"

Headshots of Power Woman and Moon Maiden pop up on the screen. "There are admitted aliens."

The image switches to that of a headshot of Wonder Woman. "The representative of an exclusionary and bigoted isolationist regime."

Wonder Woman's headshot is replaced with Captain America's. "A man who CLAIMS to be good old Cap back from the dead but where's his proof?"

And finally, Cap's headshot is replaced with a sillouette of a woman's head with a question mark in the middle. "And G. Gordon's special sources tell me one member of the Justice League is an international assassin with literally hundreds of kills to her name. An assassin, I should add, who has worked for America's enemies in the past."

The camera does a close-up of Godfrey.

"Are THESE the people we want to protect us from alien invasions and metahuman criminals? I'm not here to tell you one way or the other. No, good old G. Gordon is just presenting the facts. He believes in you, the people, to decide for yourselves."
Straight Talk

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