October Theme

OCTOBER THEME! Oct 03 2014 Winsome

As we do every month, staff is setting a theme to encourage RP on the grid. This month's theme?


As a result of an artifact called the "Sandles of Janus" being destroyed in an explosion at the Museum of Natural History in Gotham, a wave of mystic energy has poured out all over the world. To most people, this energy wave is harmless. However, for those people who have even trace amounts of mana in their system (due to exposure to mystic events, spells, people, locations or whatever, on camera or off), this energy CAN (but does not have to) trigger a sudden temporal and spacial spiritual and mental displacement between two physical vessels. Translation?

Body Switching.

That's right. Our theme for October? You can switch bodies with someone else on the grid. Here are the rules:

  • You may switch bodies with anyone on the grid (who agrees to the switch). You may only do one switch and may only switch directly (so, X and Y have to switch. X can't jump into Y while Y jumps into Z).
  • The switch may occur at any point before the end of October. In other words, you can switch today, switch a week from today, switch on Oct 30th or whenever during the month.
  • Anyone who has been exposed to magic in any way can do the switch. In other words, everyone on the grid. If you haven't been exposed during a scene, make up some backstory where you were and that's fine.
  • The switches can end whenever you want during October. ICly, the mystic energy's halflife is random. For some people it'll wear off in a day, for others a week, still others longer. ALL switches end when October 31st turns into November 1st as the mystic new year washes the energy out of people's bodies.
  • Your powers do not switch with you, even magical ones. They remain in your original body. Spellcasting is a unique case - you'll have the knowledge of how to cast spells in your new body but if the new body isn't fit for magic (not homo magi, for instance) you won't be able to raise enough power for spellcasting.
  • Something any competent mystic will be able to discern if they examine body switchers: the energy is wearing off, is harmless in the long run, and will be gone by the end of the month. Potent spellcasters (for IC purposes, Hellstrom, Zatanna and Topaz or NPCs like Doctor Strange) can drain the mystic energy out and force a switch back if it is so desired. In other words, if you want a spellcaster to switch you back, they can.

Any questions go to Winsome. Please enjoy Freaky October!

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