The Shade
The Shade needs an image linked Name: The Shade
Last Seen: Arrested in NYC
Position: Villain
Powerset: Shadow manipulation and constructs (Darkland dimension)
Comments: Had a bet with neutron, they both lost and were arrested thanks to Stargirl, Jack Flag, and Cascade and was arrested. A week prior to this, The Shade was seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art attempting a robbery, was stopped by Power Woman and Angelus; but escaped the two by teleporting away.

(2014-09-04) Dark Radiation
Dark Radiation Summary: The Shade and Neutron go on a robbing spree as some bet between them,...

(2014-08-28) When the Shade Falls at Noon
When the Shade Falls at Noon Summary: Power Woman encounters a new heroine, the Angelus, who...

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