Pluto needs an image linked Name: Pluto
Last Seen: Returning to banishment
Position: Greek God of Death
Powerset: Strong energy manipulation (only Zeus is better), strong (just below Hercules), superior mystical power/magic, magical artifacts
Comments: Staved all death in Manhattan for an hour attempting to regain souls of the dead, presently banished be Zeus. Showed up briefly empowering Griffin as his chosen Herald, who was defeated by Captain Atom, Kyani, and Black Lightning - members of the Outsiders.

(2014-09-15) One Upon a Midnite
Once Upon a Midnite Summary: Topaz, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Black Lightning converge on a secret...

(2014-09-05) The Outsiders
The Champs of NYC Summary: Doc Mid-Nite and Captain Atom round up Villains, Gorilla Grodd,...

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